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Chartech: January/February 2019

In this issue, Kevin Salter assesses the benefits that have come about as a result of turning to the cloud, takeaways from the World Congress of Accountants, The world of MTD and Leo Waldock takes a closer look at email scams.

Cover story: Learning to trust in artificial intelligence
As ICAEW launches a new ethics and tech resources hub, its experts talk about the ramifications of using artificial intelligence in business and finance.

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Byte size: tech news roundup
This edition includes the government’s new Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, a new charter on artificial intelligence in judicial systems, folding phones and the potential for embedding microchips in people.

Countdown to Making Tax Digital for VAT
As implementation of Making Tax Digital for VAT looms large, Caroline Miskin of the ICAEW Tax Faculty looks at the final push to get the new system in place and working properly.

Keeping up with new features in Excel
Simon Hurst explains how you can avoid the Fear Of Missing Out when it comes to new features in Excel through the ICAEW Excel Community.

Tax: the bigger digital picture
As the UK implementation of Making Tax Digital comes closer, David Lyford-Smith reports on how other countries are handling digitalisation of the tax system, including Australia, Brazil, China, Estonia, Italy, USA and more.

The advantages of electronic signatures
As we increasingly rely on electronic communication, Dr Jane Berney FCA looks at the advantages of using electronic signatures over digital or handwritten signatures.

The case for Making Tax Digital for VAT
Glover Stanbury’s Kevin Salter explains why Making Tax Digital for VAT is sure to make some things easier in 2019, even if people don’t take to digital record-keeping immediately.

The IT Faculty at the World Congress of Accountants
ICAEW provides support and resources for members overseas. Here, we look at the key work of the IT Faculty abroad, with Michael Izza presenting a number of sessions and Kirstin Gillon answering the question: ‘will I have a job in 10 years?’

The rise of email scams
Email scams follow data hacks as surely as night follows day. And the Marriot/Starwood data breach case is just another in a very long line, says Leo Waldock.

Chartech January/February 2019

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