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Chartech: July/August 2019

This issue includes the latest tech roundup; giving something back doesn't have to stop with charitable donations; sharing data from online banking with other business software and services; the big data benefits of MTD; and industry experts discuss how mid-market businesses can embrace technology to enhance their offering.

Cover story: Tech in the mid-market
Industry experts discuss how mid-market businesses can embrace technology to enhance their offering.

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A roundup of the latest news surrounding technology. This edition includes La Liga being fined €250,000 for violations of the General Data Protection Regulation, marketers needing new ways to get the attention of generation Z, and companies struggling to fill digital roles.

Going beyond the practice and giving back more than charitable donations
Giving something back doesn’t have to stop with charitable donations. This is something Jessica Pillow recently found out, as Pillow May went on a trip to Cambodia to celebrate its 10th birthday, where they not only took in the culture and experienced village life, but set up a future for talented women.

Working together: the benefits of the increased sharing of data
The increased sharing of data from online banking with other business software and services can benefit accountants and their clients in numerous ways, including giving a boost to automation.

How CABA can give you a little 'you' time
If you are managing a busy firm, it can be easy to neglect the development of soft skills, such as effective communication and strong technical skills. That’s why ICAEW’s support service, CABA, should be your first port of call for CPD training.

The big data benefits of Making Tax Digital
As businesses migrate their reporting online, Johnston Carmichael's Ewan Bolt takes a look at the additional advantages of going digital, from the insights that can be achieved from the data to the variety of apps you can use to analyse and visualise data.

Understanding tech ethics with the Tech Faculty’s latest report
It has become one of the most discussed topics in tech over the past year or two. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal, reports of bias in recruitment, financial services and public sector algorithms, and more, it’s easy to see why ethics has become more discussed.

Excel tips: the many uses of data analytics expressions
Simon Hurst breaks down how data analysis expressions work and what they can achieve.

Are doorbells with cameras and microphones a privacy concern?
Home technology is not only changing where we live, but the privacy issues we deal with, as illustrated by a slew of doorbells that come with cameras and microphones, says Leo Waldock.

Chartech July/August 2019

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