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Chartech: March/April 2019

In this issue, Richard Anning highlights how the IT Faculty has changed, spring cleaning your processes, MTD reflections, Simon Hurst explains how PivotTables can help with management reporting, and Leo Waldock discusses the recent iPhone security flaw.

Cover story: Selecting software for business success
There is a dizzying array of software choices available to the modern business, but what’s the best one for you? The Business Application Software Developers Association can help

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Byte size: tech news roundup
A roundup of the latest news surrounding technology. This edition includes enhancements to Bluetooth, statistics on the usage of artificial intelligence, and a teenager earning a ‘bug bounty’ for finding a flaw in FaceTime

Perfecting the process: spring cleaning your processes
As we head into the new tax year, it is a great time to spring clean your work processes, says Jessica Pillow

Embracing disruption: advantages of going digital
Nic Granger highlights the advantages of going digital and transforming the way your business operates

Staying protected, no matter what happens with Brexit
Whether we stay or leave the EU, data protection remains an important concern for organisations. Dr Sam De Silva explains the steps needed to ensure you’re on top of things

MTD in perspective: software firms on Making Tax Digital
Three software firms – Sage, Xero and Iris – offer their perspectives on how the pilot has gone so far

The right security approach
Improving your office operations may be just an app away. Whether it’s collaboration, file sharing, instant messaging or productivity solutions, here we profile seven apps on the market

Excel tips: the thrill of the drill down and up buttons
Simon Hurst explains how PivotTables can drive management reporting and the creation of interactive dashboards

A little privacy, please?
With iPhone security flaws letting people eavesdrop on others, maybe we should be a bit more cautious, says Leo Waldock

Chartech March/April 2019

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