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The importance of Board minutes in your charity


Board minutes are a key part of a charity’s governance. However, not all board minutes are created equal, a little bit like Goldilocks, some will be too long, some will be too short and then finally there are those that manage to get it “just right”. So, what makes good board minutes and why are they important?

Trustees report on the impact of COVID-19

The Charity Commission surveys a sample of trustees each year to find out how confident they feel about their role and to understand how they view the Charity Commission’s guidance and investigatory responsibilities.

Top tips on cash and investments for charities

What you should be doing with your charity's finances.

Risk, training and dominant trustees

An overview of key issues from the published 2021 Charity Commission Inquiries; what went wrong and what we can learn from them.

Preventing fraud is a job for everyone


A question that often crops up in discussions about fraud is ‘why does prevention matter?’ Well, it does for some very important reasons.

What will this new decade bring for ESG investors?

The end of the last decade brought with it one of the most difficult years for investors of all hues, but it marked a watershed moment for ESG investing, which moved firmly from the periphery to centre stage. The E (environmental) has been prominent for several years, but it was the S (social) which had the standout year, also resulting indirectly in greater focus being given to the G (governance). The pandemic has clearly highlighted the social inequities and injustice that exist within the current global financial and economic system.

Trust is baked into the Charity Commission’s purpose


Paul Latham, Director of Communications and Policy at the Charity Commission, tells ICAEW Insights that increasing trust in the sector is a key driver for the organisation that regulates around 170,000 charities.

‘I believe volunteering is definitely a skill’


As part of ICAEW’s coverage of Volunteers’ Week, Deloitte Assistant Manager Nikita Shah spoke with ICAEW Insights about how volunteering has helped mould her into the person she is today.

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