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Clear conscience

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are potential deal breakers for private equity. Today. as investors become more sophisticated in their approach, it is starting to be seen more as an opportunity than a threat.

Deep pockets

Sovereign wealth funds have enormous capital. Brian Bollen looks at their investment approach.

Out source

Mobeus Equity Partners last year raised another £34m for deals – exceeding its £24m target – invested ££0m in six businesses and recruited Richard Babington, Clive Austin and Guy Blackburn. But 2014 also stood out for seven successful exits.

Africa’s turn to shine

After years of focus on the BRIC countries, Africa is regarded by some as the last sizeable geographical region of relatively untapped growth. Cindy Valentine says now could be the time for private equity in Africa to shine

Long Haul

Astorg Partners is one of the oldest and most renowned French private equity firms. Chairman Xavier Moreno says keeping an eye on the long game is key to its reputation

Minority report

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In June, the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) amended Listing Rules came into effect. The key focus was protection of minority shareholders’ rights in companies in the Premium Listing Regime, and the company’s independence from ‘controlling shareholders’. So, what exactly are the changes?

Investing not shopping

Killing time near London’s Liverpool Street train station, I had the urge to buy a newspaper.

Lighten up

With its recent investment in Harvard Engineering, ECI is the latest private equity firm to show an interest in the sector. Jason Sinclair shines a light on the deal and looks at what the future holds for the British manufacturer.


A private equity firm focused on all three of Europe's main economics has a wider pool for fundraising, but as Dr Peter Hammermann tells tells Marc Mullen, the local investment culture remains the key to Equistone's success.

Six of the best

From benchmarking plans to anticipating shareholders' needs, companies can learn a great deal from private equity firms about creating value. Bridget Walsh takes us through the key lessons for corporates.

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