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China Calling

The sale by 3i of Mayborn, owner of Tommee Tippee baby bottles, to Chinese consumer group Jahwa for about £300m, shows the continuing interest from the East in UK brands, as well as a textbook international growth story. Brian Bollen reports.

Canada Dry Powder

New York, Toronto, Istanbul, Amsterdam, London... and Watford. Mark Redman’s career in private equity has taken him all over the globe. He talks to Marc Mullen about what’s next.

Home and away

Having sold five businesses to international corporates in the past two years, Ashley Broomberg shares tips for attracting overseas interest

New Relations

Changes to partnership law in the UK have been a long time coming. What will it mean for VC, private equity and other closed-ended funds? Rob Mailer looks at the implications.

Stay Calm

The run-up to the UK referendum is starting already. Jon Moulton enters the debate.

Entrepreneurial Expedition

In 2014, the French private equity industry saw a 22% increase in the amount committed by private individuals and family offices. Amy King looks at lessons to be learnt from the Entrepreneurs Funds Club founded by Afic.

Variety show

Communicating private equity to a public market investment audience is always an enlightening process for both sides. This is an ongoing challenge for LPEQ and its members, says CEO Andrea Lowe.

Shacking off the shackles

Private Equity Unchained, Thomas Meyer’s latest read, questions the very foundations of institutional investors’ thinking, says Ross Butler.

A new focus

3i’s managing partner Alan Giddins explains to Marc Mullen why the most recognised mid-market private equity brand has refocused on its core strengths and is embracing businesses with international growth ambitions.

Clear conscience

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are potential deal breakers for private equity. Today. as investors become more sophisticated in their approach, it is starting to be seen more as an opportunity than a threat.

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