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How to seamlessly integrate new starters into your team

Author: ICAEW

Published: 09 Jun 2022

Learn how employers can create a good employee onboarding programme for new starters joining your company.

If you’ve hired new starters into your company, it’s important that you have the systems in place for a good employee onboarding experience. For new starters, it may even be the first time that they have worked in a professional environment. You want to make sure that any new hire joining your company feels part of the team from the get-go.

It's essential that your company provides a successful employee onboarding programme. By giving them the tools and resources they need, the new hire can get off to a great start with their job. It means that the new hire feels like they are part of the team at your company due to having a new employee integration plan in place.

Companies who have hired new starters for the first time need to make sure that they are aware of their responsibilities. If you’re taking on an apprentice, for example, you need to be aware of your responsibilities as an employer.

Our latest blog looks at how you can seamlessly integrate new starters into your team. From the new employee’s first day to putting together an induction plan, it’ll ensure that your new starter settles into their new job.

Having an employee onboarding plan for the new employee’s first day

For new starters joining your company, you want to make sure that there is a good employee onboarding programme in place. You need to make sure that all the documentation, such as offer letters and other employment contracts have been signed before they start the job.

It’s crucial that you introduce them into your team so that it puts them at ease and allows them to get to grips with the different departments and people who work within the business. If it's their first job, then they may not be up-to-speed with what is expected of them day to day.

It’s worth going through the job description and explaining what it entails in terms of tasks, as well as creating a daily schedule.  By doing this, it means that the new starter knows about the tasks they need to complete as part of the job.

Assign them a mentor or buddy 

When you’ve onboarded a new team member into your company, it’s a good idea to give them a buddy or mentor. While a lot of what the new starter learns will be down to the employer, they’ll be able to have someone that’ll be able to ask for advice and guidance, as well as check in on them.

Before they officially join the team, it’s worth letting the mentor or buddy know when they start. By doing this it means that they have time to prepare themselves for when they begin the job. It also will ease any stress and worries your team may have, which will make the new employee’s experience a positive one.

Put together an induction plan

Creating an induction plan will ensure that you set the new starters expectations of how you plan to embed them into their new job. When developing the plan, you need to think about the skills, resources and knowledge they need to help them succeed.

If you’re creating an induction plan, it’s important that it has a mixture of social activities, tasks and meetings. You need to make sure that the plan makes the employee part of the company without overloading them with information. By showing that you’re investing in them, it means you’re setting them up for long-term success.

Brief them about the company culture 

Company culture varies from office to office, which is why it’s a good idea to have a chat with the new starter on what to expect from the workplace. Tea breaks, social events and email etiquette are a couple of good things to mention when an employee starts the first day of their new job.

By mentioning these things, it means that they are able to gel into the team more quickly. Another thing that’s worth doing is briefing them of each team member within the company and their job roles. It means that they have a good idea of who to ask for help when you are unavailable.

Organise social events to make new employees feel part of the team 

Organising a social event after work is a fantastic opportunity for new starters and existing team members to meet with each other in a relaxed environment.

Team building activities like go karting, paintballing and bowling are popular and allow any new starter to get themselves bedded into the company. Events like these are a tried and tested way of helping new colleagues to settle in quickly.


It’s important that your company prioritises integrating new starters into the workplace. By having a good introduction and employee onboarding process, it means that they can feel welcomed and part of the team right from the get-go.

While the employee onboarding process is important for new starters, we’d also recommend organising social events to enable them to build relationships with colleagues quickly. It means that they then have the confidence to reach out if they need any help or assistance in their work.

By giving new starters the tools and resources they need with a great employee onboarding programme, it’ll set them up for long-term success in their job.