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Six-monthly review

It is a requirement of the ACA training agreement that you meet your students at least every six months and that these reviews are held with the counsellor, qualified person responsible for training (QPRT) or authorised training principal (ATP).

They are essential to assess the development and progress of your students and help to ensure that each student is fully engaged and on track with achieving the knowledge, skills and experience needed to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.

The purpose of the six-monthly review

The purpose of the six-monthly review is to understand what your student has learnt in the last six months. It is also a good time to assess their development and progress to ensure that they are on track with achieving the knowledge, skills and experience needed to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. By reviewing their progress at regular intervals, it is easier to identify earlier any additional support they might need.

You should make enough time - about an hour - to review and discuss all the components of ACA training at each review with your student, which includes the following.

  • Professional development - review your student's progress through each of the seven ladders, and confirm that you are happy that the examples provided adequately demonstrate the required skills. The student then enters your comment into the feedback box.
  • Ethics and professional scepticism - you will need to discuss: your students' ethical development; their progress through the ethics learning programme; any attempts at the assessment; discuss two scenarios and a real ethical situation. Each discussion must be evidenced within your students online training file.
  • Practical work experience - review your students' practical work experience within the last six months and agree the number of days.
  • Exams - review and discuss their progress and results so far, any re-sit plan and what elements they have found most relevant or interesting.
  • Audit Qualification - review your students' audit work experience, if relevant, within the last six months, agree the number of days and provide feedback within the training file.
  • Further guidance - your student may also want to discuss the areas where they would like to develop, for example, on-the-job guidance, coaching, mentoring.

If you have an accredited professional development system you may use your own appraisal records.


It is a student's responsibility to arrange a suitable time with you for each review. However, you should do everything you can to facilitate these meetings at regular intervals.

Ahead of the review, you can access your student's online training file and review their professional development, ethics and exam progress that they have completed in the last six months. This would allow you the opportunity to discuss this with their line manager or counsellor.

Students should log onto their online training file during the meeting as the information they have inputted over the previous six months will serve as the basis for discussion.

At each six-monthly review students will confirm that their online training file has been accurately and honestly prepared. Each six-month period of practical work experience will then be locked and stored within the file. If a student needs to update the number of days they have recorded, you can log into your student’s online training file and click on ‘Return to student’ within the practical work experience tab. This will reopen the entry of practical work experience and the student can correct the error.

You are also required to complete one final sign off at the end of a student's training agreement period.

Who can conduct a six-monthly review?

Six-monthly reviews can be done by the qualified person responsible for training (QPRT), authorised training principal (ATP), person responsible for training (PRT), Deputy QPRT or counsellor or suitable nominated (and ICAEW approved) individual.

Final sign off

At the end of your students training agreement you are required to complete one final sign off. Only the QPRT or authorised training principal (ATP) can complete this final sign off which also declares that the student is fit and proper for ICAEW membership.

Visit the student area of our website where we provide more information for students on how to apply and join as an ICAEW member.