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Managing teams

Improve the performance of your team.

Interview with Chris Ford – BAM Board Academic

Hear from one a leading Finance academic and BAM Board member

Motivating your team: A three-pronged approach

This webinar explores three aspects of motivation that need to come together to get the most from your staff.

How to manage post-pandemic

Empathetic management improves business, learn how

Interview with David Carr – Chairman of the Business and Management Faculty Board

Hear from the BAM chair on the latest economic developments

Interview with Richard Morris – HM Treasury

Things to do to make the most of an unfortunate situation

The four skills remote managers need

Learn about the 4 C’s that you need

How to work in teams when times are stressful

The key to improving performance in stressful times

Leading resilient teams

Learn practical tools and techniques to help you manage stress and build a resilience management framework.

How to motivate your workforce

Create meaning for your employees to boost wellbeing and performance.

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