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Costing articles

Driving down costs without damaging the business. Read our latest features and articles on costing.

Mandatory energy audits

Business and Management Faculty Business and Management 22-11-2018

Energy-efficiency regulation is just another compliance burden – or is it? Business & Management looks at the potential gains to be had from mandatory energy audits.

Habits of the successful CFO

Christian Doherty Business and Management 22-11-2018

The CFO role has never been so powerful – or so challenging. Christian Doherty looks at what today’s CFOs are bringing to the job and what attributes the next generation needs to succeed.

AI is not magic

Avi Goldfarb Business and Management 30-07-2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation make the seemingly impossible possible. They magically bring machines to life – driving cars, trading stocks, teaching children or providing healthcare. In Prediction Machines, Avi Goldfarb and two fellow economists debunk this magical myth and recast the rise of AI as nothing more than a drop in the cost of prediction.

Cost management - BT case study

Arthur Yu Business and Management 14-03-2018

How did telecoms giant BT turbocharge its profits by cracking down on costs? Arthur Yu has the answer.

Buying into change

ICAEW Business and Management Faculty Business and Management 11-05-2016

Better procurement used to mean just cutting costs, but today businesses find innovation and collaboration are the key to improved efficiency.

Financial planning and cost management

ICAEW Business and Management Faculty 10-06-2013

This report covers activity based costing and forecast modelling as well as the management of staff expenses.

Unlocking overhead value

Brian Plowman 01-03-2007

While the finance director can be a strategic business partner, they still need to keep a firm hand on the finances.