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Nomination committee articles

Articles, feature and reports from the ICAEW on the work and responsibilities of the Nomination Committee

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Temperature check on corporate governance as new Code comes into effect

The UK is witnessing a battle to restore trust in business. Governance is more in the spotlight than at any time since the ‘Maxwell years’ which immediately preceded the 1992 Cadbury report.

Corporate strategy and CEO appointments

Should boards shape strategy before they appoint a new chief executive to execute it? Some non-executives give their views.

FSA relaxes scrutiny of NED appointments

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is relaxing its scrutiny of non-executive recruits to banks and other financial services groups amid company complaints that the tests hinder them in making appointments.

Getting the best person for the job

Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas FCA, author of the books Developing Directors and Winning Companies; Winning People, argues that companies should choose from a wider field of candidates when appointing directors.