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Methodology and Algorithm

Author: ICAEW

Published: 12 Jul 2019


The top UK online influencers will be chosen using a formula tailored to emphasise quality over quantity. Using our values of integrity, objectivity and respect for others as a starting point the algorithm is unique to ICAEW.


We focused on UK-based individuals tweeting and discussing accountancy related topics such as accountancy, tax, budget, assurance, insolvency, audit and finance.

Our values of integrity, objectivity and respect for others were applied to the tone of voice of the tweets and retweets, determining the data we’ve included in our metrics.

Working with BrandWatch we used their social media listening tool to pull data relevant to our specific keywords, looking at a metrics comprising of:

  • Audience re-tweets;
  • Author tweets;
  • Positive and neutral sentiment
  • Visibility and audience relevance.


The #ICAEWROAR algorithm values quality over quantity. Placing more emphasis on topical engagement of the authors’ tweets than the amount they’ve tweeted, the algorithm considers everything from visibility, relevance and tone of voice, to reaction and audience engagement.