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Special Report - Managing change

Change is inevitable, it is all around us. Brexit, political upheaval, increasing regulation and a growing protectionist agenda make it incredibly difficult to run your business. BAM are here to help, with our special report on managing change, we can help successfully guide you through inevitable change with our practical tips and hands on approach.

The art of subtle change
Being subtle with changes will have more success.

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An overview of managing change
Dealing with changes is a constant challenge, learn how to get on top.

Kotter's theory of change management
The essential blueprint for change managers.

Improve ROI by focusing on your people
The key to successful change is persuasion and communication.

Don't forget the legal side of your changes
When you change, do it legally.

The key to technology transformation
Top tips for a successful digital transformation.

How to change the habits of a lifetime
Persuading people to change ingrained behaviour.

These additional articles can be found in the pdf of the full special report:

  • Brexit – how business is coping with the uncertainty
  • Hearst undertook a culture change to keep up with its industry
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