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Driving down costs without damaging the business

Business travel cost management

Christian Annesley Business and Management 13-04-2018

Business travel is a £1tn industry. Companies are opting for an increasingly smart approach to maximise savings.

Cost management - BT case study

Arthur Yu Business and Management 14-03-2018

How did telecoms giant BT turbocharge its profits by cracking down on costs? Arthur Yu has the answer.

Cost transformation

The practical issues surrounding efficient and sustainable cost reduction while maintaining functional effectiveness.

Doing more with less

The Hackett Group Business and Management 09-11-2016

Due to the challenges 2016 has presented, business leaders have the hard job of cost optimisation. The Hackett Group shares some ways to cut costs without causing a catastrophe.

It's good to share

Adrian Ryan Business and Management 14-10-2016

Adrian Ryan explains why every business should consider shared services and why the benefits go beyond saving costs.

Spending smart


Now that technology provides so much assistance, organising business travel need not be a chore. Here’s how you can reduce the fuss – and the cost – of corporate trips.

Financial planning and cost management

ICAEW Business and Management Faculty 10-06-2013

This report covers activity based costing and forecast modelling as well as the management of staff expenses.

Unlocking overhead value

Brian Plowman 01-03-2007

While the finance director can be a strategic business partner, they still need to keep a firm hand on the finances.