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ICAEW's Europe Region engages on EU policy issues and offers access to our portfolio of qualifications and services. It works on technical and regulatory matters in partnership with professional institutes across Europe.

About our Europe Region Office

ICAEW's Europe Region, headquartered in Brussels, significantly enhances our ability to offer access to the portfolio of ICAEW qualifications and capacity building services. It facilitates our work on technical and regulatory issues in partnership with professional institutes across Europe.

ICAEW has had a direct presence in Brussels since 1994, building strong relationships with European Union institutions and other stakeholders to influence the policies that have a direct impact on the accountancy profession. The Europe Region will enhance further its engagement with EU policy makers and stakeholders.

The Europe Region covers most of continental Europe, including all member states of the EU (beyond the UK, our headquarters), the European Economic Area, as well as current and likely future candidate countries for EU accession.

Consulting and working with the profession

ICAEW works with stakeholders in several European countries on many different levels and projects. Below are some examples:

  • EU: ICAEW was appointed by the European Commission to evaluate the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) across the EU, resulting in a report published in 2007.
  • Common Content Project: ICAEW is working closely alongside a number of FEE member bodies in the Common Content Project, which seeks to unify the professional entry-level qualifications of the participating institutes. The project seeks to maximise the common elements of the professional qualifications while retaining national elements unique to each country.
  • Romania: ICAEW has Memorandums of Understanding with the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania (Camera Auditorilor Financiari din Romania, CAFR) and the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (Corpul Expertilor Contabili si Contabililor Autorizati din România, CECCAR) confirming the commitment to work in partnership to develop a strong profession in the public interest.
  • Greece: ICAEW is working with the Greek oversight body (ELTE) in support of their newly legislated audit monitoring role and obligations. ICAEW’s role is to support ELTE in establishing its role in Greece and initial coaching for inspectors, enabling them to complete initial assessment programmes of all regulated Greek auditors. ICAEW is also in close dialogue with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece (SOEL).
  • Bulgaria: ICAEW has worked with the Bulgarian oversight body (CPOSA) and the professional body, ICPAB, to deliver a workshop for audit quality inspectors and reviewers to achieve best practice and ensure that EU requirements are met.
  • Croatia: ICAEW has recently won a World Bank sponsored contract to work with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia to provide technical assistance and training/coaching to the first group of Inspectors at the Croatian Chamber of Auditors, assisting in the development of a quality assurance manual. This is an important step in the strengthening of Croatia’s regulatory system as preparation for EU accession.
ICAEW qualification and relation to UK audit rights

Information developed for national regulators in the EEA area to assist to appropriately recognise the level of ICAEW's qualification and recognise migrant auditors applying under article 14 of the EU Statutory Audit Directive.

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Reputation and influence

Working in partnership with global and regional organisations to promote good practice.

Sharing expertise with regulators and policy-makers

ICAEW is highly regarded for its technical excellence and thought leadership and as a result is able to act as a key policy influencer on a wide range of European and international issues.

ICAEW regularly shares its expertise by preparing briefings and responding to consultations on issues of direct relevance to the accounting and audit profession as well as on wider policy issues, including enterprise policy, sustainability and the public sector.

ICAEW is a founding member of FEE, the Federation of European Accountants, which acts as a consolidating representative voice of European accounting bodies. ICAEW is also a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, the Confédération Fiscale Européenne and enjoys good relations with the College of Europe in Bruges.