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Read the latest articles on European policy and regulatory developments published in ICAEW's Insights hub.

Beyond financial reporting to sustainability reporting


The long-awaited goal of standardised sustainability reporting is getting closer. The announcement of the IFRS Foundation’s strategic direction and the publication of further reports from EFRAG – as well as clear intent from the UK Government – is putting us all on notice.

EU sets out a more sustainable and assertive approach to trade


A strategy recently adopted by the European Commission paves the way towards a greener trade policy, accompanied by a push for reform of global trading rules. It makes clear the EU’s determination to take a tougher approach towards enforcing trade agreements and dealing with unfair trade practices.

European Commission tables binding pay transparency measures


8 March 2021: The right to equal pay for work of equal value is a founding principle of the EU, but one seldom implemented or enforced in full. With the EU gender pay gap currently over 14%, new legislative proposals seek to remedy this through pay transparency and improved enforcement mechanisms.

Hill review urges UK listing rule reforms


5 March 2021: A proposed relaxation of the company listing rules aimed squarely at increasing London’s attractiveness as a financial centre post-Brexit has been published.

ECA calls for better exchange and analysis of tax data


25 February 2021: Fair and effective taxation in the single market continues to be hampered by insufficient sharing of tax information, according to a recent report issued by the European Court of Auditors.

European audit market battles concentration and quality issues


5 February 2021: The European Commission’s second audit market monitoring report highlights persistently high levels of market concentration and several ongoing issues with audit quality, writes Susanna Di Feliciantonio, ICAEW’s Head of European Affairs.

A unified approach on the future of audit


29 January 2021: Myles Thompson, current President of Accountancy Europe, explains the factors the profession must address to ensure audit quality is consistent across the continent, as part of a series of articles on key themes from ICAEW’s Audit Manifesto.

Why is fundraising by women so much harder?


6 January 2021: “We need to do more to invest in companies that are founded and led by women,” says Armance Bordes, General Counsel at Sofinnova Partners. “There are many studies that point to the gender gap that persists in fundraising, making it so much harder for women to raise capital.”

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