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Quality Assurance Network

Author: ICAEW

Published: 20 Jun 2022

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Since 2015, the Quality Assurance Network for non-PIE Audit (QAN) has been bringing together professional bodies from across Europe to enhance audit quality and consistency through the dissemination of best practice in risk-based quality assurance monitoring for non-PIE audits. A collaborative initiative, the QAN was launched and continues to be supported by ICAEW. This commitment reflects a wider recognition of the importance of continually improving audit quality in the non-PIE audit sector, the largest part of the European audit market.

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Our vision

The QAN aims to build a peer-to-peer network of representatives from leading European professional bodies in order to promote and maintain high standards of quality in the audit of non-PIEs through risk-based quality assurance monitoring and support. In doing so, the QAN contributes to the promotion of high-quality corporate reporting, economic stability and business confidence across the non-PIE sector.

Recognising the invaluable role that professional bodies play in delivering and/or supporting audit quality improvement in their jurisdictions, the QAN fosters best practice by sharing a range of proven monitoring and support methodologies. The QAN also encourages discussion and the sharing of case studies to improve understanding, practical application and consistency.

The QAN works:

  • To promote and share best practice in risk-based quality assurance monitoring by professional bodies.
  • To enhance the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of professional bodies to achieve and maintain valued quality assurance and support services relating to non-PIE audits.
  • To enhance the confidence of public oversight boards in the active involvement of professional bodies in non-PIE audit quality assurance, whether this is delegation to professional bodies of quality assurance responsibilities for non-PIE audits, or via the provision of advice, guidance and support to public oversight boards.
  • To participate in the dialogue related to non-PIE audit regulation, including via engagement with the Committee of European Auditing Oversight Bodies (CEAOB) and the European Commission.
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How we work

The QAN brings together professional bodies in a practical, cost-effective and outward-looking way to address specific needs and challenges. Members include both professional bodies with delegated authority for non-PIE quality assurance (whether exercised via peer reviewer or via employed reviewer models) and those without delegated authority.

Participating bodies are encouraged to actively engage in the QAN to enable the development of meaningful dialogue across countries and develop QAN initiatives where there is common interest. Interested bodies are invited to initially join as observers, to get first-hand experience of the QAN’s key features.

The QAN privileges an open way of working, with a view to finding areas of common interest and delivering value to all participants. All members have an equal voice and are encouraged to present and share insights, approaches, concerns and challenges.

A steering committee, supported by ICAEW, provides strategic and preparatory input for the QAN. It is chaired by Marius Lanskoronskis, Director of the Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors.

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Our community

Country PAO Website
Austria Institute of Austrian Certified Public Accountants (IWP)
Belgium Instituut van de Bedrijfsrevisoren - Institut des Réviseurs d'Entreprises (IBR-IRE) ibr-ire.be
Bulgaria Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Bulgaria (IDES)
Cyprus Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) icpac.org.cy
Estonia Estonian Auditors’ Association (EAA) audiitorkogu.ee
France Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes (CNCC)
Germany Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (WPK)
Greece Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece (SOEL)
Ireland Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI)
Italy Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili (CNDCEC)
Latvia Latvian Association of Certified Auditors (LACA)
Latvia The Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia (LRGA)
Lithuania Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors (LAR) lar.lt
Malta Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA) miamalta.org
Netherlands Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA)
Norway The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants (DnR)
Portugal Portuguese Institute of Statutory Auditors (OROC)
Romania Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania (CAFR)
Sweden FAR
United Kingdom Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) icaew.com

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Spring 2024, Dublin

The next QAN meeting will take place on 11-12 April, hosted by Chartered Accountants’ Ireland. Discussion is expected to focus on implementation of the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and on broader issues relating to audit quality assurance including risk-based review strategies, ISQM1 requirements and audit quality indicators.

For further information, email europe@icaew.com

Autumn 2023, Portugal

The QAN met in Porto, hosted by the Portuguese Chamber of Auditors (OROC) with representatives from sixteen professional bodies including new participants from Spain and Italy. Topics discussed included ISQM1 implementation, sustainability assurance and AQIs, with guest speakers from IFAC and a session with the Head of the Audit Oversight Department at the Portuguese Securities Market Commission, (CMVM).

June 2023, Vilnius

Representatives from 12 European professional bodies met for the QAN 2023 spring meeting, hosted by the Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors (LAR). Topics addressed included implementation of ISQM1, developments relating to sustainability assurance, the growing regulatory focus on professional judgement and the issues relating to cybersecurity. The Vilnius meeting also included a practical exchange of experiences in relation to grading the quality of audit work in professional bodies’ reviews as well as more thematic approaches to quality assurance. Key areas of concern were also discussed with the Lithuanian Professional Oversight Board.

November 2022, Berlin

The QAN met in Berlin on 23-25 November, hosted by the Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (WPK). Participants from 11 countries, addressed a number of issues including ISAs 315 (revised) & 540, ISQM1 and assurance engagements. QAN research on the regulatory framework for quality assurance across different European companies was also presented. Other sessions provided participants with the opportunity to exchange perspectives on file grading and specific case studies. The QAN agreed to continue to work on related topics in 2023, with the next meeting due to be hosted by the Lithuanian Chamber of Auditors in Vilnius.

June 2022, Athens

The Athens meeting, hosted by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece (SOEL), enabled a practical exchange of experiences in relation to grading the quality of audit work in professional bodies’ reviews while also considering the potential impact of ISQM1 for smaller audit firms and non-PIE audits.

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