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A comprehensive and accessible package of guidance and technical advice to help you stay ahead of the rest.

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Data visualisation – small multiples

With the introduction of many new chart types in Excel 2016 and later versions, Excel now has over a dozen main charts with lots of sub-types available. Good as Excel's charting capabilities might be, using Power BI to present the data from your Excel workbook opens up a whole new set of possibilities

Chartech magazine

May/June 2021

In this issue: climate change and technology; successful accounting systems; keeping ahead of HMRC deadlines; fourth industrial revolution; protection from cyber attacks, the dark web; COVId-19 passports; and Excel Tips.

March/April 2021

In this issue: Operational efficiency; topical tech news from around the world; agility is gaining popularity; surveillance of employees; big tech regulation; lessons from the FRC's consultation; pursuit of ethical AI; app stacks; and flaws in tech.

January/February 2021

In this issue: Tech implications in the wake of the pandemic, holistic approach to tech, digital currency, future of remote auditing, forecasting, Python, and spreadsheet automation.

November/December 2020

In this issue: Christmas gift ideas; tech news from around the world; accountants should embrace the world of AI; AI and the future of accountancy; common data modelling, cyber security; finance automation, and Excel tips.

Excel articles

Read the latest articles. Includes advice and guidance and top tips to improve your Excel efficiency and minimise spreadsheet risk.

Excel community

The Excel Community provides a 'one-stop shop' for accountants who want to use Excel.

Webinar recordings

Archive of webinar recordings. Includes financial modelling, PivotTables, Power Query, Excel Tip of the Week Live and many more.

Excel online training

We now offer a new and improved range of Excel online training which is available as part of your Excel Community membership subscription – this is a major benefit. Track your progress and improve your Excel capabilities and minimise spreadsheet risk.

Tech Faculty webinars

What's your data strategy?

Demystifying data. Before organisations can gain any value from data it is critical to have a clear data strategy that ties into an organisation's overall strategy.

The lesser-known Microsoft 365 apps

We are all familiar with Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint & Word but Microsoft 365 subscribers get access to many other apps which most don’t know exist.

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Tech Essentials resources

The essential guide to robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) can save organisations' time, with tasks performed with higher speed and accuracy, as well as removing the risk of human error. However, it is not suitable for all processes and, in some cases, could act as a sticking plaster for a system that needs to be re-engineered.

The essential guide to audit tech

There has never been a more exciting time to explore the transformative potential of technology in relation to audit. Tech advances are helping to improve the performance of audit, making it more insightful and informing better conversations in audit teams and with clients.

Essential guide to world of add-ons

This guidance will help to shape your thinking on what is possible with add-ons; formulate and clarify firm (and client) expectations; recognise limitations and set boundaries; identify potential benefits and hurdles.

The essential guide to data protection when outsourcing

It is often said that data is the new oil – the raw material that drives industry in so many ways. Like all resources, data needs to be used wisely and protected. This guide looks at protecting data when using outsourced services.

Practice tips

Digital transformation – all change

Digital transformation can mean different things to different people; it is a catchall term describing the implementation of new technologies and processes to improve business operations.

Payroll issues - it never rains but it pours

Payroll software is very simple (theoretically) - put in the information and it works out everything for you and arrives at the net pay and how much to pay HMRC in relation to the deductions and employers NI etc. If only…..!!!

Tech Talk videos

Blockchain, bitcoin and the future of the accountancy profession

Join Mark Taylor and David Lyford-Smith of ICAEW, and Aynsley Damery of the Clarity Project, for the second in our series of IT Faculty ‘Tech Talks’, this time on the subject of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and how these will affect the future of the accountancy profession.

Data – a world of opportunities

Join Mark Taylor and Kirstin Gillon of ICAEW, and Anthony Sayce FCA of EY, for the fourth in our series of Tech Faculty ‘Tech Talks’, this time on the subject of data and the opportunities it presents for practice and business.