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API 101 Questions

Following on from our API 101 webinar in January, we’ve produced a roundup of some of the key pointers and questions that came out of the webinar.

The impact of APIs on the Profession

Dudley Gould 02-12-2022

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are dramatically impacting the day-to-day work of accountants and auditors. However, most practitioners are unlikely to be privy to the effect they are having on the profession as the APIs connect tools and pull data in the background, often unbeknown to them. Let’s explore some of the basics, and what APIs mean for the profession.

Data Analytics Community – 2022 in review

It’s been a year of significant change in the Data Analytics Community – so ICAEW’s Head of Data Analytics and Tech, Ian Pay, looks at what we’ve achieved, and what more we’re looking to do.

ML: What is it really?

Monica Odysseos 30-11-2022

Data Analytics Community Advisory Group member Monica Odysseos returns with a second article in the ‘What is it really?’ series to simplify and explain newly defined terms and concepts in the world of Machine Learning for the non-tech user.

AI: What is it really?

Monica Odysseos 23-09-2022

Returning to the world of technology as a data scientist there was a lot to learn; and most of it, not explained simply enough. So, follow Data Analytics Community Advisory Group member Monica Odysseos on this journey as she looks to explain the world of AI…

Codeless Machine Learning for Auditors

Dimitris Kaskadanis & Polyna Christakou 22-09-2022

In the new era of digitalisation, there are emerging challenges relating to the new technology risks while fraud risk increases, adopting new and innovative methods in line with technological progress. In this environment, audit should develop data analytics skills that are beyond traditional risk monitoring and fraud detection tools to meet stakeholders’ evolving expectations.

Can open banking technology transform audit?

Bani Lamba, Data Analytics & Tech Manager, ICAEW 15-09-2022

ICAEW Data Analytics & Tech Manager Bani Lamba explores the potential opportunities and challenges of using open banking technology in audit.

The benefits and challenges of audit analytics

At a recent conference, a roundtable discussion was held on the case for and against the use of analytics in audit.

Cloud Computing 101 – your questions answered!

Questions raised during our recent live webinar.

The Data Analytics Community – what's next?

Ian Pay 19-04-2022

In this introductory post as the ICAEW’s new Head of Data Analytics and Tech, Ian Pay shares his thoughts on the Data Analytics Community, some key areas of focus, and what’s to come.

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