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Data analytics articles

The benefits and challenges of audit analytics

At a recent conference, a roundtable discussion was held on the case for and against the use of analytics in audit.

Cloud Computing 101 – your questions answered!

Questions raised during our recent live webinar.

The Data Analytics Community – what's next?

Ian Pay 19-04-2022

In this introductory post as the ICAEW’s new Head of Data Analytics and Tech, Ian Pay shares his thoughts on the Data Analytics Community, some key areas of focus, and what’s to come.

AI’s Impact on Auditor Expectations

MindBridge 09-02-2022

Businesses are coming to rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to inform critical decision-making. Increasingly, AI is finding its place throughout organizations, from customer retention to marketing and finance. Assurance and audit are no exception to the benefits of artificial intelligence. As the value of next gen technologies become more transparent, firms will look to help bolster their staff with modern tools for more efficient and timely engagement.

Data ingestion: past, present, and future

Franki Hackett 12-01-2022

We’ve been talking about data ingestion in audit for several years and have come face to face with the significant problems it poses. But getting to grips with the realities of the problem, and advances in AI, are beginning to suggest the problem has nearly been solved.

The essential guide to data analytics


Data analytics allows firms to harness data, both internal and external, to provide faster, deeper analysis for better decision-making. These tools offer accountants the ability to track client performance at a more granular level and identify ways to build in efficiencies.

Data analysis: finance professionals must ask the right questions

ICAEW Insights 14-05-2021

Data offers huge business opportunities and boards, funders and creditors increasingly expect data analysis to underpin decisions, but financial controllers must grasp the challenges surrounding data integrity, trust in data and ethics to capitalise on its potential, an expert is warning.

Bringing data to life

Inflo 22-04-2021

From data wrangling to communication back to business, the data analytics community like others are facing key challenges, even more so in the current climate. In this piece, we explore the concept of data storytelling, the importance of it as data becomes more prevalent and the positive impact upon the data analytics.

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