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Tax rates

Sources for current and historical tax rates and allowances.

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  • UK rates
  • Other regions
  • UK tax cards 2017-18

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UK tax rates

Fiscal Facts (IFS)
A key resource for historical comparisons of tax rates. The site includes tables of the main tax rates and thresholds for the current tax year, cross referenced with the historical rates. The historical rates are also listed separately, and include:

  • Income Tax rates and limits 1973–
  • Corporation Tax and allowances 1973–
  • Personal Allowances 1973–
  • VAT Rates 1973–
  • Mortgage interest tax relief 1973–
  • NI rates employed/self-employed 1975–

HMRC rates and allowances
Rates and allowances for the current and previous tax years, including:

  • income tax and National Insurance
  • rates and thresholds for employers
  • buying, selling or inheriting property or other assets
  • tax credits, Child Benefit and Guardian's Allowance
  • other taxes and levies, including corporation tax
  • HMRC exchange rates
  • excise duties.

Rates and Allowances Archive
Archived historical tax rate data from the Inland Revenue and HMRC, including:

  • Income Tax Personal Allowances and Reliefs from 1948/49 to 2009/10
  • Capital Gains Tax Rates from 1977/78 to 2002/03
  • Corporation Tax Rates from 1970/71 to 2008/09
  • Stamp Duty Rates from 1958/59 to 2000/01

Valuation Office Agency
Executive agency of HMRC with responsibility for business rates. The VOA holds information on its website about procedures and appeals. It also has a search tool for checking the rateable value of business properties by postcode.

Gee Tax Factbook
Looseleaf work, not updated in print after 2008. Chapter 7 contains historical tax facts and figures, including:

  • Income tax rates from 1894/95 to 2008/09
  • Capital gains tax rates from 1980/81 to 2008/09
  • Corporation tax rates from 1964 to 2008
  • National insurance rates from 1975-2000

UK tax cards 2017/2018

Tax Data Guide (BDO)
Updated tables covering corporation tax, income tax, CGT, NICs, IHT, SDLT and VAT.

UK Tax Tables 2017/2018 (EY)
Two-page summary of UK tax rates and allowances for 2017-18.

UK Tax Datacard 2017/18 (PWC)
A datacard covering the latest tax rates in addition to PwC commentary.

Tax Facts (RSM)
Two-page tax card maintained by RSM.

Tax rates around the world

EY global tax guides
Selection of regularly tax tables and guides for over 150 jurisdictions, covering corporate tax, VAT and sales taxes, personal tax, estate and inheritance tax and industry-specific taxes.

KPMG Tax rates online
Tool for comparing corporate and indirect taxes across multiple countries for any range of years from 2005 onwards. KPMG also produce tables of corporate tax ratesindirect tax rates and individual income tax rates.

PKF worldwide tax guides
PKF publishes an annual global tax guide in addition to dedicated tax summaries for individual countries.

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