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Better Regulation

A good legal and regulatory framework promotes trust in business. Since its formation in the 19th century, ICAEW has tried to help government and regulators to make better regulation in the belief that this is in the interests of business, the economy and society.

Boosting your data dive for audit analytics

The pace of change in the audit analytics market is making auditors reconsider their choice of tools. Lesley Meall looks at developments.

Skilling up in financial services

Reskilling is the answer to a blizzard of challenges approaching financial services, according to an influential City report. But which skills are most important to acquire for current and future financial services employees?

Why AI can’t fully automate accountancy

Paul Golden

17 January 2020: the term "automation" strikes fear into the hearts of many professionals, but Head of the ICAEW Tech Faculty Richard Anning explains why the limitations of technology mean accountants will always have a role to play in optimising their clients’ financial position.

Robotic Process Automation: bringing on bots to enhance a CPA's work

The article offers information on the robotic process automation (RPA) technology that is the combination of existing technologies into easy-to- use automation platforms. It looks how RPA will impact on the work of accountants, reducing the amount of time spent on basic data processing and allowing them to work on more strategic and impactful decision-making tasks.

AI-driven companies can outstrip traditional ones

Article looks at how machine intelligence has changed business, how Artificial Intelligence can be put at the heart of a company and how companies that have done this are can outstrip traditional firms.

Tax incentives for investment in automation and robotics

The UK is lagging behind the rest of the world. Having led the First Industrial Revolution, the UK is at serious threat of falling behind other countries

Counting on ethics when it comes to data management

Paula Smith examines how a strong ethical approach can help financial services firms cope with the changing world of data management

Acting on intelligence in the insurance industry

Dr Henna Karna, chief data officer at AXA-owned XL Catlin, explains to Chris Evans why the insurance industry needs to transform its approach to data and digital innovation.

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