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Applying the lessons to future technologies

David Lyford-Smith June 2020

While cognitive technology is currently the largest area of interest for many businesses, several other emerging technologies are making their impact felt, or are poised to increase in importance in the coming years.

Role of assurance in risk management

David Lyford-Smith June 2020

Internal best practice design and controls are critical tools to ameliorate the risks in deploying cognitive technologies. However, in particularly important cases, or where the risk is unacceptably high, organisations should consider bringing in additional expertise to validate their design principles, controls or the model itself.

Managing risks with robust controls

David Lyford-Smith June 2020

Robust controls must be put in place during the creation of cognitive technologies and throughout their deployment to make sure they are working effectively and as intended, as well as to detect and flag any unexpected behaviour.

Managing risks through better design principles

David Lyford-Smith June 2020

Organisations need to tackle the risks associated with adopting cognitive technology so that they can benefit from the potential efficiencies and insights that it can offer.

Risks of cognitive technologies

David Lyford-Smith June 2020

Key risk areas that have arisen from our research include inexplicability, data protection, bias and context, as well as wider automation risks. These areas include both larger-scale strategic risks around adopting cognitive technologies and tactical considerations that may affect specific projects.

What is cognitive technology?

David Lyford-Smith June 2020

From automation of complex processes to analysis of subtle patterns to aid planning, cognitive technology can be a powerful business tool. However, the pace of innovation has been accompanied by concerns over the risks that new and emerging technologies pose, creating a demand for ways to understand, mitigate and control these risks.

AI in accountancy where is it being used

As more and more accountants look to make use of new capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), it’s helpful to share experience of how people have used it to date.

Tax incentives for investment in automation and robotics

The UK is lagging behind the rest of the world. Having led the First Industrial Revolution, the UK is at serious threat of falling behind other countries

Acting on intelligence in the insurance industry

Dr Henna Karna, chief data officer at AXA-owned XL Catlin, explains to Chris Evans why the insurance industry needs to transform its approach to data and digital innovation.

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