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Artificial intelligence articles

View our features and articles covering the topic of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Tech's impact on the delivery of audit

How much is technology transforming the quality of audit? David Lyford-Smith shares his thoughts and looks at what reviews, reports and other resources are revealing.

AI for accountants: science fiction or fact?

30 October 2020: With artificial intelligence promising to be a gamechanger for accountancy, what’s the right approach for accountants looking to incorporate AI into the mix? Mark Blayney Stuart investigates.

Automation's role in accountancy

Research is revealing the benefits of automating finance functions for accountants in India. Technical manager Kristen Gillon looks at the importance of mindset and involving staff with technological change, and discusses the fears that robotic process automation may result in fewer jobs.

Fostering buy-in to data and AI advances

Next-generation data and artificial intelligence are innovative tools for accountants. Kristin Gillon looks at strategies and opportunities to mitigate the barriers across the profession.

AI is changing role of adviser but human judgement is the heart of successful deals

Marc Mullen Corporate Financier September 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about artificial intelligence and big data – including machine learning. These new technologies are affecting many areas of business, and corporate finance is no exception. Marc Mullen looks at how AI is changing the role of advisers – and at how human judgement will always be at the heart of successful deals.

Could social media affect your credit score?

Pippa Stephens

Writing for the Financial Services Faculty, journalist Pippa Stephens looks at how privacy changes could affect credit scores and lending decisions for consumers and business.

Looking to the future of AI in corporate advisory

Corporate Finance Faculty July Aug 2020

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in corporate decision-making, investment and M&A. Last year, the faculty’s Shaun Beaney and Rosanna Woods of Drooms co-authored the AI in Corporate Advisory research report. This was followed in May by an evidence meeting held by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG-AI), hosted remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Get ahead with machine learning

Article discusses the advances in Machine Learning which helps AI to make predictions, allowing big companies to improve their products. It look at the challenges, how companies can get ahead and how latecomer organisations can catch up.

The right tool for the task

David Lyford-Smith explores the enduring focus on the interaction between technology and audit.

Ethics and technology - latest thinking from IESBA

As accountants increasingly innovate with data, AI and other technologies, is the profession’s ethics code fit for purpose in this new world?

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