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Are universities and artificial intelligence tools worthy adversaries in the quest for academic integrity?

How universities can cope with the rise of tools such as ChatGPT.

ML: What is it really?

Monica Odysseos

Data Analytics Community Advisory Group member Monica Odysseos returns with a second article in the ‘What is it really?’ series to simplify and explain newly defined terms and concepts in the world of Machine Learning for the non-tech user.

Facing the challenge of tech transformation

ICAEW Insights

Finance teams must embrace finance transformation or face becoming obsolete, warns former Microsoft Finance Director Oliver Deacon. He shares his vision of the technologies that will shape the jobs of tomorrow.

AI: What is it really?

Monica Odysseos

Returning to the world of technology as a data scientist there was a lot to learn; and most of it, not explained simply enough. So, follow Data Analytics Community Advisory Group member Monica Odysseos on this journey as she looks to explain the world of AI…

Codeless Machine Learning for Auditors

Dimitris Kaskadanis & Polyna Christakou

In the new era of digitalisation, there are emerging challenges relating to the new technology risks while fraud risk increases, adopting new and innovative methods in line with technological progress. In this environment, audit should develop data analytics skills that are beyond traditional risk monitoring and fraud detection tools to meet stakeholders’ evolving expectations.

Making the most of tech and data for improved audits

Audit firms of all shapes and sizes are using technology to support continuous improvements in audit quality and efficiency and provide new insights.

How can blockchain technology build trust?

ICAEW Insights

Usually associated with cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain has a wealth of potential for many business activities, particularly in building trust. So why aren’t firms adopting it more?

Using tech to enhance audit

ICAEW Insights

The rate of technology adoption has accelerated during and post-pandemic as firms have engaged with new ways of working. How are these ever-changing tools reshaping audit?

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