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Digital transformation in finance functions: ASEAN and UK perspectives

Kirstin Gillon October 2019

This thought leadership report provides a rare insight into how digital transformation is being managed in practice across a range of different business settings and highlights pertinent considerations for leaders undertaking their own transformation projects.

Going beyond the practice

Giving something back doesn’t have to stop with charitable donations.

Building the future

Thomas Toomse-Smith examines how technology could evolve the annual report.

Tech Talk

Tracy Gray

Technology is at the heart of all organisations today. The pace of change is growing ever faster. In the coming years, the finance profession will be profoundly altered by new and evolving technologies.

At a glance what the future holds for technology

Tech Faculty

The Tech Faculty’s latest edition of Chartech (the faculty magazine) covers a range of new technologies that have come to prominence in the last few years. Some may have a profound impact on how businesses operate in the future.

Cover story: A glance at what the future holds for technology

Over the past decade, many technologies have been launched that promised to fundamentally change the way business and society operate, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and more. But has this come to pass?

Mining for useful insights from business data

Mike Whitten explains the challenges that come with attempting to gain useful insights from business data, including the limitations of using artificial intelligence.

The price is not right

Dominic Lindley FS Focus

Dominic Lindley looks at lessons learned in price regulation in financial services

The rise of virtual assistants in finance

Virtual assistants are now handling millions of financial requests a year and transforming financial services.

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