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Artificial intelligence articles

View our features and articles covering the topic of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Digital transformation will power your business

Key steps to successful cost-effective investment

What are deepfakes and how can you spot them?

Deepfakes are moving beyond fake news and YouTube into the sphere of cybercrime. Christian Doherty explores the threat and exciting possibilities of synthetic media.

Are EU proposals for AI helping to restore public trust?

David Lyford-Tilley explains why Europe is keeping a close eye on AI with new regulations designed to control its use, measure its risk and deal with bias.

Focusing on tax technology

From artificial intelligence to cloud computing, Paul Aplin applies another lens to tax technology.

What are the business benefits of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can transform business. But are you ready for it? Tim Vorley explains how to get started with AI technologies and discusses the tools resulting from recent research.

How to get the most out of technology in audit

Technology has the power to enhance audit quality and efficiency. Lesley Meall explains the risks and explores some of the possibilities with the greatest potential.

AI and the future of financial services

Lucy Ingham considers the effect of artificial intelligence on the world of financial services.

The role of digital technology in achieving net-zero goals

With COP26 taking place in Glasgow later in 2021, Kirstin Gillon examines how businesses can disclose climate-related risks, align their digital strategies with these concerns and meet evolving net-zero targets.

How COVID-19 has affected the fourth industrial revolution

Lucy Ingham investigates the impact of the pandemic on the fourth industrial revolution and the move to adopting new technologies in future.

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