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Using tech to enhance audit

ICAEW Insights

The rate of technology adoption has accelerated during and post-pandemic as firms have engaged with new ways of working. How are these ever-changing tools reshaping audit?

The future of UK VAT as a digital tax

With the pace of change constantly accelerating, EY’s Joseph Eloi, Manager, Tax and Trade Strategy, explains the need for a roadmap from HMRC, so that businesses can start planning.

Tech gets set for an investment boom

Many private equity firms and VCs are awash with cash and looking for higher returns. Meanwhile, myriad companies are undergoing major digital transformation. David Prosser speaks to ICON’s Alan Bristow and Brian Parker about the ongoing investment boom for tech and the sector’s longer-term outlook.

AI boost to KPMG tax offering

ICAEW Insights

A partnership with software company Blue J will give KPMG a competitive edge by using artificial intelligence to free up more employee time to dedicate to complicated tax issues.

Natural Language Programming in accounting

The article discusses the application of natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) in a number of management accounting settings, including customer sentiment analysis.

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