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A world of strong economies

The world has changed since our last brand update. We’ve changed too. Our image, what we stand for and how we communicate reflects our international, forward-thinking organisation.

ICAEW believes in a world where economic opportunities bring benefit to many, not just the few. A world where businesses of all sizes are both profitable and sustainably minded, where public institutions are effective and accountable, where developing economies have the infrastructure to thrive, where everyone has access to decent jobs and services. 

To achieve this vision in a rapidly changing world, strong leadership and robust institutions will be critical. That is why we support a global network of more than 147,000 Chartered Accountants and business professionals, to help drive leadership standards, both in policy and practice. Everywhere from global brands to start-ups, from NGOs to the UN, our members are helping private and public organisations of all sizes succeed, while holding themselves accountable to a high standard of ethics.

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