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Finance for growth

Read our guidelines and reports to learn how finance can stimulate growth in asset based finance, industry and the creative sector.

UK Equity Markets, Issue 52

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The UK equity markets fall into one of two categories:Recognised Investment Exchange (or RIE) and Exchange regulated market.The similarities and differences are important to the decision on which market is the most appropriate. This guidance explains.

Growth through asset based finance, Issue 65

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Corporate Finance Faculty 09-05-2017

Asset based finance (ABF) is increasingly being used as a source of funding by high growth companies – from small businesses, to those owned by private equity, to innovative businesses and subsidiaries of some of the world’s largest companies.

What is the Business Finance Guide?


Launched in 2014 by ICAEW and the British Business Bank, the Business Finance Guide helps entrepreneurs and companies to find the finance they need to invest, grow and overcome adversity. With a tool to help businesses identify what finance solutions might be suitable, as well as overviews of what the options offer and support on how to secure finance.

ICAEW and the creative industries

Corporate Finance Faculty 16-11-2020

The creative industries are major contributors to culture, the economy and innovation. They’re fast growing and employ more than three million people – across film, fine arts, design, music, video games, fashion, TV, crafts, publishing, radio, photography and heritage.

Boosting Finance for Engineering & Technology

Corporate Finance Faculty 02-09-2016

This discussion paper was published jointly by the ICAEW and the Institution for Engineering & Technology (IET). It assesses the major investment opportunities and challenges in the sector for the new industrial strategy being developed by the UK government as part of Brexit.

Debt for deals, Issue 67


Debt for deals outlines the main features of the UK’s debt market, explores how it has developed since the start of the financial crisis in 2008 and offers guidance to corporate finance advisers and company executives on how to access the right debt finance for deals.