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Providing Leadership in a Digital World

The impact of digital technology has been significant and continues to transform the accounting profession and society at large.

Our thought leadership report, Providing Leadership in a Digital World, highlights the key areas all businesses should consider and argues that the profession must focus on establishing how accountants can better serve businesses, the economy and society through new and evolving technologies.

Future opportunities

Fast paced digital transformation presents an array of opportunities for the profession to serve economies and the wider public interest by enhancing service and the development of valuable new services, in addition to accessing and serving new markets and networks.

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Providing Leadership in a Digital World

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The pace and impact of change also creates questions for the profession: What skills will accountants need to deliver these valuable services? Where will new competitors come from? And when is it beneficial for the profession to collaborate and co-operate?

How we can help you

  • Utilise our information resource to build on the existing work of the Tech Faculty for support and Knowledge sharing.
  • Partner with us and other organisations; input your knowledge and expertise to both facilitate collaboration and help resolve practical issues.
  • Join the innovation debate; work with experts and leading thinkers across and beyond the accountancy sector to explore the changing business environment and the resulting opportunities for the profession. 

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