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ICAEW's briefing on the UK's regulatory regime

This briefing is an introduction to the UK's regulatory regime, looking at what is meant by regulation, what makes good regulation and some of the key components of the UK’s regulatory architecture.

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Briefing introduction

An introduction to UK regulation

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  • 09 Mar 2023
A good regulatory environment is essential for a healthy and sustainable economy. Those who want the regime to be better first need to understand how it currently works (or is meant to work) and this briefing provides an overview of the key building blocks that make up the architecture of the UK’s regulatory regime for that purpose.
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How UK regulation works

Section one
Principles of good regulation

What are the different regulatory approaches taken in the UK and what makes for good regulation?

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Section two

Who are the regulators, what are their roles, what powers do they have and how are they funded?

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Section three

This section covers the rule-making process, the different types of rules and how they have force.

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Section four

How rules are enforced, how breaches are investigated, the sanctions available and who adjudicates.

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Section five

This section covers how regulators are held accountable for achieving objectives and following procedures.

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Section six

The final part of the briefing considers UK regulation in the context of devolution in the UK and global regulation, including leaving the EU.

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