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ICAEW and HMRC win three awards for anti-money laundering training film

Author: ICAEW

Published: 17 Oct 2022

An anti-money laundering educational drama film, produced by ICAEW in collaboration with HMRC, has won three awards at the 2022 Association Excellence Awards.

The film received the gold award for Best Learning / Professional Development Programme – in what judges described as the most competitive category – and silver awards in Best Innovation by an Association and Best Association Partnership or Collaboration.

All Too Familiar, a 16-minute drama which portrays the downfall of an accountant, trusted business advisors and a failing restaurateur as they become embroiled in a money laundering plot, was recognised by a panel of judges at an awards ceremony at the KIA Oval in London on Friday 14 October.

The judges said the film was a “great demonstration of action-based learning for what is an incredibly important subject-matter” and sits alongside fictional television series such as Ozark while also being concise enough and tonally appropriate to be used in professional contexts. 

On the partnership with HMRC, the judges praised the “strong buy-in from government figures” and said the political, professional and societal buy-in for the film was “inspiring” and “could be significant in saving lives”.

The film, written and produced by Duncan Wiggetts, Chief Officer of ICAEW’s Professional Standards Department, explores the degree of trust placed in personal and professional relationships and whether it can cloud professional judgement in the fight against economic crime. 

It was also designed to help accountancy firms consider how they may be exposed to clients engaging in money laundering and provoke further discussion around the greater need for professional scepticism when faced with financial crime risks.

The film, which sees renowned British television actors Bill Ward and Kazia Pelka cast in the leading roles, premiered in March this year and is the third training film produced by ICAEW.

The Association Excellence Awards, held annually, recognises the work trade bodies, professional organisations and chartered institutes do for and on behalf of their members.

As a training resource, All Too Familiar is available free of charge to all ICAEW and HMRC supervised firms and insolvency practitioners, while global licences are available for use outside the UK.

Duncan Wiggetts, Chief Officer, ICAEW Professional Standards Department said: 

“We’re delighted to win one gold and two silver awards for All Too Familiar. These are testament to all the hard work which has gone into our initiative to raise awareness of the importance of anti-money laundering compliance, culminating in the launch of our educational training film, All Too Familiar.”

“The impact of money laundering is devastating, and has a terrible human and financial cost, which is why we’ve made this film to help businesses be more aware of how they might inadvertently assist professional enablers of economic crime.”

“We hope the messages in All Too Familiar will resonate strongly with those who watch it and help to develop people’s mindsets so they can spot the vital red flags of financial crime, which can ruin lives and livelihoods.”

Simon York, Director of the Fraud Investigation Service, HMRC, said: 

“I am delighted that this innovative collaboration between HMRC and ICAEW has been recognised in this way.

“Money laundering supports a raft of harmful crimes that have a devastating effect on victims, communities and economies.

“If this film saves one person from being trafficked, prevents one corrupt official stealing money from their country’s citizens or stops one international crime group being able to steal UK tax it will have served its purpose.”


Notes to editors:

About All Too Familiar 

All Too Familiar is ICAEW’s third training film. Further information is available at icaew.com/alltoofamiliar