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ICAEW launches Welcome Inclusion campaign for members

Author: ICAEW

Published: 20 Jan 2022

HMRC has announced the Chartered accountancy body ICAEW has today (Thursday 20 January 2022) launched the Welcome Inclusion campaign, to provide its members with practical tools to drive inclusion across the profession.

The campaign will focus on three themes –belonging, allyship and fairness – and uses a variety of formats to give members tools and ideas to drive inclusion at their firms.

Welcome Inclusion launches with a short film featuring a diverse group of 30 ICAEW members and students who discuss their experiences, what inclusion means to them, and the role of unconscious behaviours in exclusion. In the video they participate in training on workplace encounters, and how these can be approached differently to ensure everyone is included.

During the campaign, some resources will be tailored to people at different career stages. The resources will give members tips on how to create a culture of inclusion, such as by implementing diversity and inclusion training, and videos will bring this to life.

Michael Izza, ICAEW CEO, said:

“ICAEW is committed to helping our members thrive in their professional development throughout their careers

“We are currently delivering industry progression by increasing access to the profession and removing complex and sometimes invisible social barriers.

“Our Welcome Inclusion campaign will champion the three key themes of Belonging, Allyship and Fairness to empower and motivate others to join our journey and make a difference”.

The resources will be released over the next few months and will be available to non-members as well as ICAEW Chartered Accountants.

Strengthening the accountancy profession by attracting talent and building diversity is one of ICAEW’s five strategic themes in its 10-year Strategy. The Welcome Inclusion campaign directly supports falls within this theme and ICAEW’s work to ensure the profile of members and students reflects the societies they serve.