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Energy support brings certainty to businesses but government must be flexible, ICAEW says

Author: ICAEW

Published: 09 Jan 2023

Commenting on the government’s energy support package, announced today, Iain Wright, Managing Director, Reputation and Influence, ICAEW, said:

“This overdue announcement brings some certainty and relief to businesses, charities and public sector organisations, but with just three months to prepare, the drop in support will be significant and leave many unable to pay energy bills on top of other rising prices.

“The government must be prepared to be flexible if businesses and organisations need more help with their energy bills, and more importantly must invest to boost energy efficiency, limiting future energy shocks and reducing the cost to the taxpayer.

“The past 10 months have shown the political, financial and environmental importance of investing in the UK’s transition to net zero now and it’s vital this is a priority for government.”


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