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LCR Connect goes live in the City of Liverpool


Published: 25 May 2023

The City Region's full fibre network, LCR Connect, is now live in the city centre, with businesses connecting to this new digital highway.

A joint venture between Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, ITS Technology Group, and NGE, the network is designed to support the modern business world across all market sectors, significantly improving connectivity for businesses and offering internet speeds from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

LCR Connect is improving connectivity and internet access for businesses, making the city region among the best-connected areas in the UK.

While the entire network is on track for completion later this year, with the aim of underpinning economic growth, innovation, inward investment, and job creation, Liverpool city centre is the latest area to go live, and many businesses are already accessing full fibre capability.

Why full fibre?

For some time, the UK’s telecoms infrastructure has been transforming as the country prepares to fully retire the copper networks that are now a century and a half old. 

Delivering gigabit capable speeds, fibre networks are powering connectivity and applications that are upping productivity and allowing us to collaborate and innovate in real-time - whether that's in the office, around the corner, or on the other side of the world.

LCR Connect fibre offers significant benefits to businesses due to its faster speeds – going from 100 Mbps all the way to 10 Gbps. The increased bandwidth boosts connection reliability, helping to maximise productivity. 

As the fibre cables feed directly into your premises, reliability is further enhanced compared with services that still rely on ageing copper-based connections to deliver the last leg.

What’s so special about LCR Connect?

LCR Connect isn’t just another network. It is an open access wholesale network, which means it delivers choice via a group of technology partners. You can access a range of business connectivity, IT, and cloud services through regional partners in the City Region or specialist partners with industry-specific solutions.

And, importantly, it belongs to the City Region. As the Combined Authority owns 50% of LCR Connect, 50% of the profits will be reinvested into the Liverpool City Region.

Why the City’s businesses should consider LCR Connect

With gigabit capable full fibre, you can benefit from improved customer service, increased productivity, and enhanced data security. Indeed, it's hard to think of a business objective full fibre doesn’t support. 

The improved service comes from faster symmetrical download and upload speeds, allowing you to make quicker purchases and payments and access live video, audio, and other services without latency or interruptions. 

Increased productivity is another compelling benefit. Able to rapidly access and upload more data, your employees can complete tasks without delay, and you can make more informed decisions.

From a business perspective and a general productivity point of view, you will have a reliable, robust connection that you can depend on. 

To connect your business, visit: www.lcrconnect.com