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Better Government Series

Our policy recommendations to encourage greater transparency and accountability in public sector finance.


Local public audit: expectations gap


This new publication explores the issues that local public bodies in England are facing in the current economic climate against a backdrop of financial instability, increasing demands for services from an ageing and increasing population, complex structures (both organisational and financial) and weaknesses of effective accountability and governance structures. It looks at the role of local public auditors and those charged with governance in relation to these issues and considers what improvements could be made to enhance trust and confidence in how public money is spent.

Public money for the public good


The role of professional accountants is fundamentally about creating trust. Trust that numbers are correctly stated and that a true and fair account has been produced, showing what money has been raised and how that money has been used.

The debt of nations

Ross Campbell, Martin Wheatcroft 17-04-2018

A decade after the corporate debt crisis, public debt is at an all-time high and continues to rise. The potential for a global public debt crisis should not be ignored. ICAEW shares policy insight.

Procurement: Tendering for local audit

Sumita Shah | Paul Dillon-Robinson 07-03-2018

This special report has been written to support local public bodies when they are in the process of tendering for external audit services under the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. It is largely based upon recent experiences by accountancy firms, gained in tendering for NHS Foundation Trusts and other public sector procurements, learning the lessons from these procurement exercises.

The role of financial leadership in sustainable public finances


In this publication, we explore the role that finance leaders can and should play in managing sustainable public finances. We explore the drivers for strong financial leadership and the skills and competences that, in our view, a strong finance leader should have. Senior leaders, from around the world, provide their thoughts on the importance of strong finance leaders in the public sector.

UK PFM stakeholder guide


ICAEW has a new addition to the better government series: a guide for stakeholders working with the UK Central Government Public Financial Management System.

Managing the public balance sheet


An ICAEW policy insight aimed at helping governments and parliaments understand how good balance sheet management can improve the overall management of the public finances and the questions they should be asking to make the most of their integrated financial reports.

Building blocks to better PFM


An accessible, practical guidance document from ICAEW, aimed at helping government entities move from cash to accruals accounting as a change project.

A CFO at the Cabinet Table?


While recognising that the private sector is very different from the public sector, this report looks at the role of the Chief Finance Officer in a private company and asks what ideas the public sector could take from this.

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