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  • Admitted to ICAEW:2010
  • Joined Council: 2021
  • Election Constituency: West of England


I am the founder of two accountancy practices, author of two books (The Number Business: how to build a successful cloud accountancy practice and Growing by Numbers: how to scale up your small business with confidence), and mother of two teens.

I grew up around the world as part of a forces family and spent seven years on a maths scholarship at a school in Somerset. After university I trained in a small London firm before moving to the Midlands where I made the move into 'industry'. Most of my career was spent using my language skills and looking after anything that wasn't sales or distribution in the UK subsidiaries of multinational companies. Like many FD's I have been responsible for not just the finance department but IT, HR, quality assurance, environmental audits and building maintenance.

Then I had two wonderful children and I decided that I wanted to spend more time around them so I set up my own practice working from home, Hudson Business Accountants and Advisers. It was only meant to be me but, with my background in running businesses, it soon grew to a small team, all on flexible working contracts, and we moved to larger premises in Nailsea.

In 2017 I successfully sold my business, did an ironman triathlon and wrote my first, award-winning book 'The Numbers Business: how to build a successful cloud accountancy practice'.

Now I speak, write and coach accountants, fintechs and other businesses.

In the middle of lockdown I set up Minerva Accountants in order to help all the small businesses struggling for advice. This puts me in the position of having worked with both practice and industry at the same time as well as having spent significant amounts of time on both sides myself.

As well as my own two books on running businesses I also co-author the Bloomsbury Tax Planning publication.

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  • Full Member, Professional Speaking Association
  • Member, ICPA

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  • Council

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  • Sole Director and Majority Shareholder, Hudson Business Advice Ltd

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  • I have business relationships with other professional accountancy and bookkeeping bodies through my work as a professional speaker. 
  • With 30+ years in accountancy I have build up many social relationships with members of other professional bodies

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Della Hudson