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Regulatory & Conduct Appointments Committee

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Published: 01 Nov 2021 Update History

The Regulatory & Conduct Appointments Committee (RACAC) is responsible, under powers delegated to it by the ICAEW Regulatory Board (IRB), for dealing with all matters relating to the appointment, performance evaluations and remuneration of chairs and members of the IRB and the Professional Standards Committees and Reviewers of Complaints. The RACAC reports to the IRB on its activities but is independent of the IRB.

The RACAC comprises six members as follows:

  • The Chair
  • Chair of the IRB
  • Alternate Chair of the IRB
  • A lay member
  • Two Chartered Accountant members of ICAEW

The Chair of the RACAC is independent of ICAEW and lay for all matters including legal services. Sara Nathan was appointed as the first chair of the RACAC in 2020.

The RACAC has the duty and responsibility generally to ensure the IRB and the Committees have good quality members (and good quality chairs) and that plans are in place to fill positions becoming vacant on the IRB and Committees in the future.

The RCAC has responsibility in respect of the IRB for:

  • The appointment of a new IRB Chair, a new Alternate IRB Chair, a new Deputy Chair to the IRB and new members of the IRB.
  • Decisions on the renewal of the term of appointment of the IRB Chair Alternate Chair, Deputy Chair and other IRB members.
  • Performance appraisal of the IRB Chair, Alternate IRB Chair and other members of the IRB.
  • The RACAC has responsibility in respect of the Committees for:
  • The appointment of new Chairs and members to the Committees.
  • Decisions on the renewal of the terms of appointments of Chairs and members of the Committees.
  • Performance appraisal of the Chairs of the Committees.
  • Reviewing the annual performance appraisals of the members of the Committees carried out by the Chairs of the Committees.

The RACAC also has responsibility in respect of:

  • The Reviewers of Complaints for appointing and renewing the terms of the Reviewers of Complaints.
  • Determining and reviewing policies of remuneration and setting and reviewing the remuneration paid to members of the IRB and the Committees and the Reviewers of Complaints.
  • Policies around conduct and independence.
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