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Webinars / Virtual events

Guidance on booking and viewing our webinars and virtual events

Having trouble viewing a webinar or virtual event? Below are some frequently asked questions, which offer guidance on how to access and view these events.

How do I book a virtual event?

You can find a full step-by-step of how to book events on our website:

If you have any further issues you can contact us now via webchat or telephone on +44 (0)1908 248 250.

I haven't received the webinar access link

Your booking confirmation which contains the access link is sent to the email address that is registered on your account. Please double check your spam folder.

If this email has not been received the within 24 hours of booking, you can contact us now via webchat, Contact Us or telephone on +44 (0)1908 248 159.

Screenshot of events page

Please note you will need to register on Zoom for our online events. If you have received a confirmation email but not the zoom link, check for an email with heading 'your registration is not yet complete.' You will need to sign up for the event via Zoom as well.

Screenshot of email preview
Screenshot of zoom registration

If this does not resolve the issue or not received the link within 24 hours of booking, you can contact us now via webchat or telephone on +44 (0)1908 248 159.

I am unable to attend the webinar, will a recording be available?

Some of our webinars are recorded and available on demand following the live broadcast. This will be stated if it is the case. An email will be sent to all delegates booked for the webinar within 24 hours of the live broadcast.

Alternatively, if the webinar was from one of the Faculties or Communities that you are a subscriber of, then you can access the recording by visiting www.icaew.com. Please ensure you are logged in before selecting 'Groups and Networks', followed by the Faculty or Community you are a subscriber of. The technical resources page associated with your subscription will usually display a 'Webinar and Videos' section for you to access.

For out CPD essentials events, you either have the choice to watch live or gain access to the recording, but not both. You can view our CPD events here.

What time zone applies to the webinar times listed? 

All webinars are set to UK standard time unless otherwise stated.

We appreciate this isn't suitable to everyone, so to make the process as flexible as possible, if the event is recorded all those who book onto a webinar will be sent the recording after the webinar has taken place.

I have the link to the webinar but it is not accepting my email address to login?

Please contact us for assistance.

If the problem cannot be resolved, if the event is recorded we will ensure that you are sent a link to the recording after the webinar has taken place.

Virtual events / conferences

Once you have booked onto a Virtual Meeting event, you will see that the event will be hosted most likely by one of the below platforms.

Please select on the below to download the App as required:

A link or meeting ID details will also be provided either on the email booking confirmation or will be sent out by the event organiser closer to the time of the event. This is what you will use to enter and attend the virtual meeting via the above applications.

To access the conference, you will need your ICAEW membership/record number and password to log in to gain access to this content.

If you have forgotten your username you can send your username to your registered email address.

You can also reset your password.

Which internet browsers and operating systems can I use to watch webinars?

The following is a list of browsers and operating systems that support our webinars.

For PCs running Windows 7 or newer:

  • Google Chrome v58+
  • Mozilla Firefox v53+
  • Microsoft Edge Browser v38+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*

For Macs running Mac OS 10.10 or newer:

  • Google Chrome v56+
  • Mozilla Firefox v53+
  • Safari v10.1+

iOS, Android smartphones and tablets are also supported. Please ensure you are using the most up to date version:

  • Android 6.x (Chrome Browser Only)
  • Apple iOs (Safari Browser Only)

For older operating systems and browsers that are also compatible:

  • Windows XP – Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox 3.x
  • Windows Vista – Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox 3.x
  • Ubuntu Linux 8.x - Firefox 3.x
  • Mac OS 10.5.x - Firefox 3.x or Safari 3.1.2

If you are using an unsupported version of a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, you may experience difficulty in viewing and/or listening to the event. Please ensure cookies and JavaScript are enabled and that you are using Flash Player version 9.0.115+.

Internet Connection: Before you access the event, you should ensure that your browser is configured to stream media. For webinars you will need a minimum internet connection of 800 Kbps for an optimal experience.