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Remote invigilation: Certificate Level and ICAEW CFAB exams

Certificate Level and ICAEW CFAB exams are available via OnVue remote invigilation which enables students to take an exam at home while being continuously monitored by an offsite invigilator. To ensure that remote invigilation exams run successfully, students will need the equipment required to meet technical specifications.

Please note that we advise all students in a training agreement, to check with their employer before booking an exam, in case they have particular policies and approaches already in place, and to agree the timing of the exam. Students should also check with their tuition provider in case they are making arrangements on their behalf.

To use this exam delivery method, there are five key requirements:

  1. A reliable computer or laptop with a webcam and microphone which meets the minimum technical requirements
  2. A quiet room with a closed door (no one else is permitted in the room while you are testing)
  3. A clear workspace 
  4. A mobile phone to upload photos during the check in process 
  5. A strong internet connection 

If you decide to sit via this exam delivery method, please note that you will be unable to take a break during your exam and you will not be permitted to leave the web cam view. 

In order to fully prepare for your remote invigilation exam please follow the check list below: 

1. Check that your system meets the minimum technical requirements 

There are a number of system requirements that must be met to use this exam delivery service.

Do not move to the next step and run a system test if your computer does not meet the technical specifications. The system test cannot check that your machine meets the minimum technical specifications, it only checks that your internet bandwidth is sufficient at the point of running the test, that you have a working webcam and your device has audio and volume control.

2. Run a system test 

Before your exam day and once you have confirmed that your computer meets the minimum technical requirements, you must run a system test on the same network and computer you will use on the exam day. We recommend that you use a personal computer or laptop. If you only have an employer provided laptop, please check with them first to ensure that it meets the technical specification required. 

The system test will check that your internet bandwidth is sufficient, you have a working webcam and your device has audio and volume control, it does not confirm that your computer meets the minimum technical requirements. 

3. Schedule your exam

Book your exam via access.icaew.com/pearsonvue, and log in using your ICAEW log in details and follow the instructions in the how to book a remote invigilation exam guide.

Extra time access arrangement

Please see the following exam booking instructions based on difference circumstances. Note that this may be different for each exam module:

  • If your extra time has been granted, it is your first exam attempt and you have not had any exam bookings for this module before which have been cancelled, you can book in the usual way via the web here.
  • Before your extra time was granted if you attempted the exam module, or had an exam booking which was cancelled, view the instructions on how to book.
  • If you have an existing exam booking without extra time in place, you will need to contact Pearson VUE and ask them to cancel your existing booking and to make another exam booking which will pick up your extra time. View their customer service contact details.

Please note: for security reasons, you are unable to move out of the webcam view during a remote invigilated exam. If you have been awarded extra time or stop the clock for a condition that requires you to move around, you will need to sit at an exam centre.

Students with any other access arrangement in place are not able to use remote invigilation.

4. Receive your booking confirmation

You will receive a booking confirmation email from Pearson VUE which will be sent directly to your e-mail address registered with ICAEW at the time of booking.

5. Read the FAQs and watch the video

View the OnVue specific FAQs, view the introductory videoread guidance about the setup and check in process or view the Pearson VUE Online Testing Guide.

View the FAQs from students on the remote invigilation exams.

6. Set up 30 minutes ahead of your exam and have your ID ready

On the day of your exam login 30 minutes prior to your exam time as you will need time to provide a photograph of yourself, your ID and the room you are sitting the exam in. Make sure your exam area is clear and you are ready for the security checks. This time will also be used to solve any issues that may arise. It is important that you log in early so you do not miss your exam slot. If there are any technical issues, the remote invigilator may try to call you on the mobile number you have provided to ICAEW, please ensure that this number is correct by logging into your online training file and updating your contact details.  Although you cannot use your mobile during your exam, you can put it on silent and out of arms reach. If it is faced upwards, you should see it flashing if the invigilator tries to contact you, the number will display as 617-379-0635, and/or caller ID may identify the number as Pearson VUE. If this number or contact appears, please answer the call. Do not answer any other calls or your exam may be revoked.

When everything is in place, you will be connected to a live remote invigilator which may take up to 30 minutes, so please be patient. If you complete the above checks before your exam time starts, please note that you will be monitored during this time, under exam conditions and unable to move away from the web cam view.

Should you experience an issue during your exam, you must report this to Pearson VUE via the greeter or invigilator on the day of your exam. If there are connection issues and you are unable to contact the greeter or invigilator, please contact Pearson VUE when the connection allows to report this and ensure it has been logged. If you feel the issue you experienced has impacted your exam performance or you feel that your result has been adversely affected, please apply for exam disruption appeal directly to ICAEW within 7 days of your exam. Email examdisruptionappeal@icaew.com to apply.

7. Results

You will receive your results in the usual format. Results are available within 24 hours via your online training file.