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Management Information

The Management Information exam has 32 questions (80% of the overall marks). They are presented in the form of multiple-choice, multi-part multiple-choice or multiple-response, and one is a scenario-based question (20% of the overall marks) which will be drawn from either costing and pricing; budgeting and forecasting; performance management; or management decision making.

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Exam preparation

Sample exams

The Management Information sample exam has been provided to demonstrate the format of the objective test questions that you can expect within the exam - please note this is not intended for use as a mock exam. 

Sample assessments are created using the questions shown in the mock exam guidance notes found at the back of the published question banks.

Assessment update

Following the positive response to the scenario-based question within the Accounting assessment launched in August 2013, this type of question is now included within the Management Information assessment.

The assessment includes one scenario-based question which is drawn from either:

  • Syllabus area 1 – costing and pricing
  • Syllabus area 2 – budgeting and forecasting
  • Syllabus area 3 – performance management; OR
  • Syllabus area 4 – management decision making.

The other 32 objective test questions are multiple choice, multi-part multiple choice or multiple response questions (80% of marks).

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