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Hear from volunteers

See what our current and past volunteers have to say about their involvement in their local student society. They explain what student societies mean to them, how their skills have developed and how volunteering has helped them to succeed throughout their training and beyond.

Find out more about ICAEW student committees and how to volunteer here. 

Esther Leung

Leadership skills, networking, and events. Former ICAEW student council Chair Esther tells us how her involvement helped throughout her training.

Andreas Malais

What are societies? What skills can you learn? Why should you get involved too? Andreas Malais, President of ICAEW’s student society in Cyprus, Andreas, talks through all of this.

Laura Dymott

From committee representative to council member. Laura shares her volunteering experiences which gave her confidence during her studies and career ever since.  

James Richardson

What do societies do? What events do they run? James, Chair of the Northern student society tells us about this and his experiences since volunteering with his local society.

Jackie Crane

Former ICAEW student council Chair Jackie shares what a society means to her, what events societies host, and how her involvement gave her the confidence and self-belief to support her career progression.

Anne-Marie Asenso

Why should you attend events? Anne-Marie, Chair of the London student society, tells us the benefits of attending events, why she got involved, and why you might consider volunteering on the committee too!