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How to submit your training file for final sign off

Once your training agreement has been completed you will be required to submit your training file for final sign off.

Training file checklist

Before you submit your training file you must make sure you have done the following: 

  • Record your practical work experience days right up to the last date of your training agreement. Even if you have exceeded the minimum of 450 practical work experience days.
  • Ensure you have achieved an overall pass rate of 70% on your ethics and learning assessment. (Not all authorised training employers (ATE) follow the same Ethics and Professional Development programmes and therefore those tabs may not appear on your training file. Your employer will be able to advise you further on what you would need to do to complete their accredited schemes.)
  • Recorded at least three ethics reviews with your reviewer.
  • Entered all examples of your Professional Developments ladders.

What next?

Once you have submitted your training file the qualified person responsible for your training (QPRT) would need to log on to their online portal and confirm.

ICAEW will then receive automatic notification and providing you have passed your exams begin the membership process. 

Your student record is checked before being invited to membership via email therefore please ensure your email address on file is correct. If our Applications team require anything from you before being invited, they will email you accordingly.

The timescale of the membership process can vary depending on the time of year and volume of enquiries.

If you have not finished your exams by the time you submit your training file, our Applications team will still receive a notification and keep your training file on record until you have passed your exams where they will then begin the membership process.

It is strongly recommended you submit your training file as soon as you complete your training agreement even if you have not completed your exams. However you do have access to edit and submit your training file within 12 months from the end date of your training agreement if need be. By doing this though you may run the risk of becoming a delayed member as a student has 12 months to become an ICAEW member from either the end date of their training agreement or a year from passing their last exam, whichever is the most recent.