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Register as an ICAEW Business and Finance Professional student

Fill in this form to begin your journey towards becoming an ICAEW Business and Finance Professional

You must use your ICAEW CFAB or ACA student number to complete this form. If you do not have a student number and wish to become a BFP holder you will need to register as an ICAEW CFAB student to gain a student number which will allow you to begin your BFP journey. 


Data Protection

The protection of personal privacy is an important concern to ICAEW. Any personal data collected will be treated in accordance with current data protection legislation. We will use your personal data to deliver your inclusive Business Finance Professional designation services including; advice, assessment, communication, examinations, networking, products, quality, regulation, research, services, training and to administer your designation account. In order to meet our BFP designate obligations to you we will share relevant personal data with Communities, Faculties, local groups, district societies and external assessment, training and examination partners.

For more information about our data protection policy please go to icaew.com/dataprotection


More information about becoming a BFP

If you have any questions about applying for the ICAEW Business and Finance Professional designation please get in touch: