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As part of a wider initiative to support ICAEW members* with their lifelong learning, your faculty subscription will be included as part of your ICAEW membership from 1 January 2023. Access to currently paid for communities will also be included as part of your membership.

As a faculty member, you benefit by:

  • Staying ahead with timely practical and technical content delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Having the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.
  • Playing your part in supporting the profession by contributing to policy-making, participating in technical consultations and providing insight for ICAEW’s thought leadership work.

When renewing your ICAEW membership for 2023, there will no longer be a cost for faculty membership shown on your subscription notice or payment screen. To remain a faculty member, you must ensure that the faculty option is still selected.

If you’re not an existing faculty member but would like to join the Audit and Assurance Faculty, Corporate Reporting Faculty or Tax Faculty, at no additional cost, please select the relevant faculty option during the renewal process.

ICAEW membership renewal is due on 1 January 2023.

*ICAEW members are associate members (ACA) and fellow members (FCA). Other individuals are welcome to join these faculties but will be required to pay a subscription. If you are a named individual within a corporate membership scheme provided by one of these faculties, please contact your services manager should you have any questions

Audit and Assurance Faculty

As well as the removal of the additional cost of membership of this faculty, as from 2023, our Audit and Beyond magazine will be a digital-only collection. It will continue to include insightful features, interviews, opinion pieces and technical news.

As an Audit and Assurance Faculty member, you will still receive both practical and technical content through our regular bulletin. Our online guides, technical releases, and webinar programme will continue to provide up-to-date practical guidance and be closely aligned to helping you meet your continuing professional development needs.

Corporate Reporting Faculty

As well as the removal of the additional cost of membership of this faculty, there are some other changes.

From 2023, the frequency of the faculty’s By All Accounts magazine will be increased from twice-yearly to quarterly and will become a digital-only collection of interviews, news and opinion features.

You will no longer have premium access to the IFRS Foundation’s Standards Navigator service (formerly eIFRS). However, access to IFRS standards and related resources will be available via the standards trackers at icaew.com/ifrsstandards.

As a Corporate Reporting Faculty (formerly Financial Reporting Faculty) member, you will continue to receive our monthly bulletins focusing on current issues and faculty resources. Our factsheets, online guides and webinar programme will help you to meet your continuing professional development needs.

Tax Faculty

As well as the removal of the additional cost of membership of this faculty, we have also made some other changes.

TAXline will be a digital-only collection delivered directly to your inbox each month. This enables content to be more current and will embrace a variety of digital media.

As a Tax Faculty member, you will continue to receive our weekly TAXwire and be able to access our TAXguides and use the TAXconnect service. Our webinar programme will remain and be closer aligned to helping you to meet your continuing professional development needs.

Changes for the wider ICAEW membership

From January 2023, all ICAEW members will be able to access relevant and specialist content from all ICAEW Communities. They will also have access to additional content on audit and assurance, corporate reporting and tax following the removal of the paywalls for the respective faculty website content. Members can simply sign in with their membership login and navigate to their topic of interest.


Frequently asked questions and answers about the upcoming changes to community and faculty access for ICAEW members.

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