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Establishing a sense of belonging at University

There has been an increased focus on establishing a sense of belonging for students across the Higher Education (HE) sector in recent times, partly accelerated by the dislocation experienced by students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whither the world of work for this year’s graduates?

How hybrid working may impact young people beginning their careers.

Time Management

Time management a thought-provoking and sometimes uncomfortable subject as Marie Dutordoir, and I found in a recent workshop we led for new academics at the University of Manchester. The workshop was inspired by our own struggles in time and energy management and how we cope with the demands placed on us as academics who also wish for a healthy home life!

Careers in academia

Advice and guidance for accountants looking to step into academia.

Unlocking the potential for innovation in the accounting curriculum

How can we embrace the exciting new possibilities in accounting education?

My, how things have changed!

Even if you’re not a fully paid-up subscriber to the 70/20/10 model, few of us would doubt the power and longevity of social and experiential learning. No wonder then that as universities and workplaces transition from lockdown to hybrid models of operation, we’re starting to see the effects of this drought of interaction on the skills, experiences and attitudes of young people.

Enrolment motivation of accounting doctoral students: professionally qualified and non-professionally qualified accountants

Anne Marie Ward, Niamh M. Brennan and Judith Wylie December 2021

The gap between accounting research and practice can be bridged by academic faculty who are professionally qualified and research trained. However, accounting suffers an acute shortage of accounting doctoral graduates, especially those with a professional accounting qualification, due to a lack of enrolments. This study examines the motivation of 36 accounting doctoral students, including 13 professionally qualified and 23 non-professionally qualified, to provide insights on what makes accounting doctoral education attractive to potential doctoral applicants.

A rich, full and meaningful life

In any piece of academic writing we are frequently told to define the key words we use in the context of our writing. In this piece I am defining happiness as having a rich, full and rewarding life. And I am going to share with you a very simple but effective approach to achieving that happiness that I recently read about.

Is 2021 the most challenging year ever for university finance directors?

Last year, I wrote about 2020 being the most challenging year ever to be a finance director at a university. 13 months later, ahead of a budget and comprehensive spending review, I am asking the same question (or should it be “is there ever a good year to be a university finance director?”) and reviewing some of my initial thoughts.

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