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Data Analytics topics

Find out how to use data to inform your decision-making, prepare and model data, and use powerful analytical tools and present data visually to communicate insight and provide informed decision support.

Data driven decision-making

Placing data in a business context gives the necessary clarity to any analysis.

Data preparation

Time consuming and laborious yet data preparation is critical to any analysis.

Data ethics

Investigate how the explosion in data is posing new questions over its use.

Data modelling

Find out about modelling, mining and statistical techniques.

Modelling tools

Learn about Power BI, Python, R, SQL and other modelling tools.

Data visualisation

How to present your data to maximise impact.

Thought leadership

Our thought leadership is intended to change thinking and behaviour. We want to help our members do their jobs as best they can. Ultimately, this will enable a world of sustainable economies.
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