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The Library & Information Service provides a hand-picked collection of industry press articles on diversity and inclusion as a benefit of ICAEW membership.

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The power of knowing

Rebecca Pitman explains the importance of understanding unconscious bias and becoming aware of its sources. Recognising our own biases and then working to minimize their impact can help create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Social media as a means to diversity

Social media has made it easier than ever for people of diverse backgrounds to connect. It's an opportunity to find commonalities, share experiences, and appreciate new viewpoints. Tanya Thirlwall looks at how accountants can use social media hashtags to connect with others interested in the same topic.

A culture of inclusion

The article discusses the role of corporate board fostering company-wide diversity and culture of inclusion. Topics discussed include increasing board diversity; plans of board to bring younger directors for gender and ethnic diversity; and boards role to foster a diverse and inclusive culture throughout all levels of an organisation.

Diversity in accounting: Challenges and opportunities

What should accounting firms be doing to attract a more diverse talent pool? Here are a few best practices to consider as you go about planning your approach to diversity and inclusion.

Unlocking the door

Diversity and inclusion are major factors that boards need to consider in order for employees to reach their full potential

Bridging the gap: don't just say you value your female employees - show it

The article offers several tips for accounting firms to motivate female employees to be partners and principals. These tips include creating a program to make a cultural change, having a clear objective to achieve goals, and involving everyone in the women's empowerment program. It also discusses the 2018 Move Accounting Project Report which revealed that women dominate the accounting workforce, however only a small percentage are in leadership

You say you're inclusive... but would you welcome me into your team?

The article focuses on transgender people who are consistently marginalised at work and the labour market. It cites the important role human resource (HR) personnel can play in eliminating barriers to recruiting and accepting transgender people in the workplace. It presents a glossary of transgender terms, as well as the significant findings of a 2018 Stonewall survey.

Revised Corporate Governance Code: what you need to know

The article examines whether the 2018 Corporate Governance Code of Great Britain will be able to prevent corporate failures with the introduction of changes such as the provision to encourage greater engagement of the board and the nine-year rule for directors on the company board. Topics covered include flexibility offered by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) for the enforcement of the Code, succession planning and development of a diverse board, and excessive executive pay. * For full article please contact the Library. *

Unconscious bias: what's age got to do with it?

The article reports on unconscious biases towards older employees in the workplace. Unconscious biases are deeply held attitudes that could include race, gender, appearance, social class, etc., and can influence and undermine recruiting efforts, talent development, and promotability. It is said that depending on one's pre-existing attitudes about age, it is possible to have an unconscious bias about age.

Writing your board diversity policy

The article discusses the diversity in corporate boardrooms which has become one of the world's hottest governance topics. It states that companies have spent years giving lip service to the idea of broader gender, race, age in boardrooms. It also states that written board policy on diversity status, goals and benchmarks have been made in resolving the issue

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