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Want progress on diversity? Link it to pay

More big businesses are linking executive bonuses to improvements in racial and gender diversity. Will pay motivate leaders to make steps forward in workplace equality? Phil Wahba looks at examples including goals used by Nike and Microsoft.

How to build a more diverse, inclusive accounting firm

Advice on improving diversity, equity and inclusion in an accounting firm, including creating a public diversity statement, running unconscious bias training and providing mentorship opportunities.

A profession reflecting life: Bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the accounting world

Select findings from a recent joint research paper into diversifying US accounting talent are presented, including key diversity statistics for US accounting and finance professionals.

Closing the diversity gap

A comprehensive study finds that greater equity and inclusion are needed to close a workplace diversity gap within the US accounting profession, particularly at leadership levels. The diversity progress made more broadly across the profession doesn't yet manifest at senior levels, where more than 90% of the profession's executive leadership are white. LGBTQIA people are also underrepresented in senior leadership roles.

Class, the forgotten element of diversity

Article discusses social class disadvantage and how it should be treated as important as gender or race. It is also reported that GDP is higher per capita in countries where more managers come from lower social-class origins.

Data bias and diversity and inclusion

The article examines the possible effects of data bias in analytical models on the implementation by organizations and businesses of their diversity and inclusion programs. Also cited are the key role played by finance, accounting and corporate professionals in preventing the use of data bias in decision making, the data life cycle process, and ways to minimize data error or bias.

Diversity beyond the business case

Leaders may mean well when they tout the economic payoffs of hiring more women and people of color, but there is no research support for the notion that diversifying the workforce automatically improves a company’s performance. This article critiques the popular rhetoric about diversity and revisits an argument the authors made 25 years ago: To fully benefit from increased racial and gender diversity, organizations must adopt a learning orientation and be willing to change the corporate culture and power structure. Four actions are key for leaders: building trust and creating a workplace where people feel free to express themselves; actively combating bias and systems of oppression; embracing a variety of styles and voices inside the organization; and using employees’ identity-related knowledge and experiences to learn how best to accomplish the firm’s core work. [

Workplace diversity and inclusion adapts in a time of protests

Finance professionals can boost diversity and inclusion and reduce bias by advocating for change within their organisations. A panel of black accounting and finance professionals discuss cultural sensitivity training, unconscious bias in the workplace and recruitment strategies to encourage diverse candidates.

Who aspires to be a partner in a public accounting firm? A study of individual characteristics and gender differences

Research identifying characteristics influencing partner aspirations in US public accounting firms, with special emphasis on factors influencing women's careers. The authors found that perceptions of flexibility and firm initiatives such as participation in mentorship programs and leadership programs have a significant positive impact on aspirations.

10 ways to support Black colleagues and improve well-being

Article gives tips on creating an inclusive culture that prioritises diversity, equality, and employee well-being.

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