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Greece's contact member

Mr Alexis Hadjipavlou is the Contact Member for Greece. He is your single point of contact for members' enquiries and acts as an ambassador in promoting the ICAEW's strategy and brand within Greece.

Contact Member's details

Alexis Hadjipavlou

Partner, Financial Advisory Services, Deloitte

Email: ahadjipavlou@deloitte.gr


Alexis Hadjipavlou, ICAEW Contact Member for Greece

Alexis is an Equity Partner of Deloitte Greece and a member of the Board of Directors of Deloitte Certified Public Accountants (Greece) SA.

He holds a B.Sc. (Econ) degree from the London School of Economics and is a Member of the Association of Statutory Auditors of Greece (SOEL) and of the Greek Economic & Commercial Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member (ACA) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW) and more recently the representative of the Institute in Greece. 

With more than 13 years of professional experience in Deloitte Greece, he now heads the Restructuring & Forensic Practice in both its Financial Advisory Services (FAS) and Audit & Assurance Services divisions of the firm.

As an auditor, further to statutory audits, Alexis has acted as the 'expert certified auditor' required by law in restructuring processes that require certification. Outside the audit function, he participated in numerous financial due diligence and financial and operational restructuring engagements, viability studies and independent financial reviews (IBR), covering various industry sectors. In the forensic area he established the successful 'asset tracing service line', a service in high demand in view of the challenges in the problematic loans’ area faced by banks in Greece.