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Poland's contact member

Piotr Dalak and Oliver Murphy are the Contact Members in Poland. They are your point of contact for members' enquiries and acts as ambassadors in promoting the ICAEW's strategy and brand within Poland.

Contact Members' details

Piotr Dalak

Associate Partner, JP Weber Investment Advisory

Email: global@icaew.com


Piotr Dalak

Piotr Dalak is currently Associate Partner of JP Weber, an independent advisory firm specializing in M&A, transaction advisory and restructuring. JP Weber is present in Wrocław, Warsaw and Berlin, with Piotr leading the Warsaw office.

Piotr is responsible for transaction advisory services at JP Weber including due diligence, valuation, transaction structuring as well as M&A projects.

Piotr is also a contact lead for 8 International and M&A Worldwide network to which JP Weber belongs. This gives him a very broad window of experience and connection to international transactions and M&A market.

Before joining JP Weber, Piotr worked for several years at KPMG UK, KPMG Poland and EY where he specialized in Transaction Advisory Services with a short spell in the financial audit. During his career Piotr advised clients on both acquisitions and divestitures, helping private equity and corporate clients to make informed decisions on over 80 transactions.

He moved back to Poland in 2013 after spending nearly a decade abroad. Having lived in the USA, UK and Japan Piotr is very open and curious of other cultures, that he enjoys being introduced to by its traditional cuisine.

Piotr did his associate chartered accountancy training at KPMG London, after obtaining BA in Economics with Japanese language at University of Birmingham, UK. He qualified as an ACA in 2013.

Oliver Murphy 

Email: global@icaew.com


To follow.