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Volunteering globally for ICAEW: Junaidy Ab-Mutalib tells his story


Published: 18 Sep 2023


Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Junaidy Ab-Mutalib has global reach. He outlines the benefits of volunteering for ICAEW wherever you are in the world.

The ICAEW Ethics Standards Committee is made up of ICAEW members and non-members from business and practice, who volunteer their time to support and shape ICAEW’s activities in professional ethics. Junaidy Ab-Mutalib is one of these volunteers, working closely with ICAEW teams to identify emerging issues in ethics that are in both members’ and the public’s interest. In this role, he has contributed to ICAEW’s thinking and positioning on emerging ethical issues, and has contributed to the review of provisions in ICAEW’s Code of Ethics.

“Together, we act as a source of expertise on ethics for ICAEW boards, other committees and departments,” says Junaidy, who has volunteered in the role since June 2022. “These work streams are normally conducted through quarterly meetings among the Committee members, together with regular discussions and dialogues with ICAEW teams and other members in order to plan, discuss and deliberate any issues and new developments on ethics.”

Being on the Committee gives Junaidy “a wonderful opportunity to further explore my interest in ethics, especially when it comes to new and emerging issues that are relevant to members”. He adds: “Ethics is an important issue for everyone. Regardless of how ‘good’ a person is, ethics is always the fundamental value that guides their behaviours, decisions and actions. Ethics stipulate the essential principles that a person should apply when making judgements and decisions.”

Junaidy became involved in volunteering at ICAEW to help address, and raise awareness of, ethical issues in business and accountancy, but it has also contributed to a wider sense of purpose. “Dedicating my time as a volunteer helps me make new contacts, expand my network and boost skills,” he adds. “Volunteering also provides me with renewed creativity, knowledge, motivation and vision in my professional life.”

Connecting to the wider community of members and non-members – whether this is collaborating on the smallest tasks or more complex challenges – is a key benefit of volunteering. It not only enriches individual volunteers, such as Junaidy, but also ICAEW as an organisation, particularly in demonstrating the Institute’s values externally. 


Junaidy is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, so Committee meetings with fellow members are typically held virtually. “Meeting schedules and agendas are planned and distributed well in advance, so that participants can prepare and make necessary arrangements,” Junaidy explains. “Being in Malaysia, and in a different time zone, works well for me as the meetings are usually held in the evening. Volunteering at ICAEW is also very flexible: it allows me to fit voluntary work around my existing commitments and work schedules.”

ICAEW provides volunteering opportunities for members around the world in more than 140 countries. These include serving on councils, boards, committees and local groups. Students can volunteer for their local student society, too. A dedicated portal also connects members with various charities, trusteeships and other opportunities for volunteering outside ICAEW.

Closer to Junaidy’s home, the ICAEW Members’ Society Malaysian Chapter welcomes volunteers to take part as local committee members and, more broadly, participate in the society’s activities. “ICAEW embraces a culture of diversity where everybody is welcomed to participate and contribute,” Junaidy says. “Volunteering opportunities are always available for people from any part of the world.”

He recommends getting involved in volunteering to expand your understanding of different organisations and cultures, as you’ll meet new people from all over the world. “It raises awareness of issues that people in other parts of the world are dealing with and connects you with a new part of your community,” he says.

You can keep up to date with volunteering opportunities, and hear more stories, by visiting ICAEW's Volunteering Hub.

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Volunteering globally for ICAEW: Junaidy Ab-Mutalib tells his story