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Volunteer story: Minh Luong Nha Nhat

Author: ICAEW

Published: 04 Oct 2022

Minh Luong Nha Nhat is an Assurance Associate for PwC Vietnam.
I have taken part in a variety of worthwhile volunteering initiatives for ICAEW, including the Global Virtual Skills Conference. As a panellist for the ‘My Route – Pathways, CFAB, BFP’ session, I had the chance to share my story of how I got started on the path to ICAEW CFAB, and why I decided to continue on to the ACA, with a worldwide audience. Before the event, I also got to meet the other two panellists taking part in the session, both of whom were already qualified chartered accountants with fascinating roles. We spoke about the topics we would be covering, and chatted about our studies and employment.

Taking part in events has boosted my confidence and self-esteem

Spending time with fellow members and participating in ICAEW events has boosted my confidence and self-esteem – it’s made me appreciate that I am part of a large international community with a real influence on people’s lives. Volunteering has given me the opportunity to expand my network, socialise and meet new people from different countries and backgrounds. It has also given me valuable skills and experience – such as presenting, public speaking and teamwork – that will help my CV stand out when it comes to future career and business opportunities.

Volunteering is a win-win for you and the Institute

For me, volunteering is a win-win: not only does it help individuals gain significant benefits and opportunities that would be difficult to obtain elsewhere, but it improves ICAEW too, helping to create an organisation that genuinely cares about its members and supports them in their professional development and long-term growth. So I would advise anyone thinking about volunteering with ICAEW to go ahead and do it. It really is time well spent. You will accomplish a lot personally and professionally, and play a vital role in helping ICAEW to support its members.
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