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Data Protection Statement – Sponsored Events & Webinars

Internal ICAEW policy

Updated: 10 Jun 2021 Update History

This Data Protection Statement sets out how your personal data will be shared for Sponsored Events and Webinars via ICAEW and should be read along side the Event Terms and Conditions.

Data Protection Statement

  1. The protection of personal privacy is an important concern to ICAEW. Any personal data collected will be treated in accordance with current data protection legislation.
  2. We will use your personal data to deliver content to you via webinars and events provided by us and in collaboration with third party content sponsors, incorporating; administration (pre, post and during the event), communications and post-event feedback.
  3. In addition, in order to meet our obligations, we may share relevant personal data with content sponsors, who help us deliver the webinar and our services to you.
  4. We may also share your personal information with content sponsors so they can send you relevant information that may be of interest to you where, as:
    1. an individual subscriber, you have given consent for us to do so; or
    2. a corporate subscriber, we have told you that we will do so, and you have not objected by contacting us.
  5. For more information about our data protection practices please go to ICAEW member privacy notice.