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Diversity and inclusion at ICAEW

Black History Month

ICAEW is proudly celebrating Black History Month, which takes place every October in the United Kingdom. The theme for 2022 is “Time for Change: Action not Words”. Discover our range of content on this theme.

Message from ICAEW COO Black Members Community
Black History Month 2022

Spotlights on our ICAEW members and students

To shine a light on Black role models in the accountancy profession, we’ve spoken to several of our Black members and an ACA student about their experiences, the importance of allyship and driving diversity, as well as their advice to those thinking of joining the profession.

Angela Appiah Shippey
Angela Appiah Shippey, ACA Director, Global Business Services & Outsourcing at BDO UK LLP

Joshua Enefiok
Joshua Enefiok, ACA Senior Finance Manager at NHS 111 / CAS

Kristian Valentine
Kristian Valentine, ACA Audit and Accounts Senior at McCabe Ford Williams

Kudzanai Mumbure
Kudzanai Mumbure, FCA Associate Director at BDO LLP

Leah Gooden-Walton
Leah Gooden-Walton, ACA Student Audit and Accounts assistant at UHY Hacker Young

Nelson Amunikoro
Nelson Amunikoro, ACA Assistant Vice President (Senior Auditor) at A leading national bank

Ololade Adesanya
Ololade Adesanya, FCA Director, Risk Advisory at Deloitte and President of the ICAEW West of England


Robin Vela
Robin Vela, FCA Chair at Lonsa Group Limited

The journey of a senior Black accountant

Ololade Adesanya talks about succeeding in a traditionally un-diverse profession and how we can help drive forward change.

diversity and inclusion at ICAEW

Becoming conscious of unconscious bias

Tackling unconscious bias is key to creating an inclusive workplace. Learn how to identify common biases and ensure their impacts are minimised.

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Deborah Harris

Deborah Harris appointed new LSCA President

Deborah Harris is the first Black woman to be elected President of the London Society of Chartered Accountants in its 150-year history. She tells us about her priorities for the coming year.

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business meeting discussion
diversity and inclusion at icaew

Improving ethnic diversity of UK boards

Discover updates from the Parker Review and learn about key initiatives you can implement to improve minority ethnic representation.

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diversity and inclusion at ICAEW


We spoke to our interns to find out how they got on, the importance of the initiative and how it will support their career progression.

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10K black interns
celebrating black culture

Celebrating Black culture

As we celebrate Black History Month, ICAEW members, students and staff share how organisations can create inclusive working and social environments.

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BHM The broadcast article feature

‘If they can, I can too’

ICAEW is proud to have partnered on 'The Broadcasts', which aim is to help young Black graduate talent succeed. Listen to, ‘If they can, I can too’, where three inspiring Black Chartered Accountants share their stories and tips.

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Time for change

The Black History Month theme for 2022 is Time for Change: Actions not Words

This year’s theme encourages a collaborative effort to support and celebrate the Black community. By taking small actions every day and holding ourselves accountable, we can make big changes to the Black experience.

Being an ally is a big part of this – in the workplace, places of education or in social settings. Challenging racism and discrimination when we see it and educating others on the importance of representation are just some of the ways we can play our part.

The key message this year is that we need meaningful actions, not just words.

Some highlights from our activities include our on-demand webinar on improving ethnic diversity of UK boards, and our live session on unconscious bias with development consultant and executive coach Marge Lowhar.

To raise awareness of the 10,000 Black Interns Initiative, our student section features interviews with three interns who joined the ICAEW to support their career development.

We’ve also spoken to several of our Black members and students about their experiences in the accountancy profession, the importance of allyship and driving diversity.

“We continue to work towards supporting our Black student community and improving Black representation among access to the profession, as well as in our membership, committees, and ICAEW employees.” - Sharron Gunn, ICAEW COO.

The Pan-African UNIA flag

October is Black History Month, and ICAEW is recognising the importance of honouring African and Caribbean history by flying the Pan-African flag over its One Moorgate Place building to add a visual reminder of the month.

The Pan-African flag – also known as the UNIA flag – was produced on August 13th 1920, by members of UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association). It is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress and aims to “unify and uplift” people of African descent.

It later became an African nationalist symbol for the worldwide liberation of people of African origin.

The three colours on the flag represent:

Red: The blood that unites all people of Black African ancestry, and shed for liberation
Black: Black people whose existence as a nation, though not a nation-state, is affirmed by the existence of the flag
Green: The abundant natural wealth of Africa

At ICAEW, we have long recognised that our global community is a powerful force for good. We all have a role to play in strengthening and future-proofing the profession by attracting the very best talent, building diversity, and promoting inclusion.

Michael Izza, Chief Executive, ICAEW
Pan-African UNIA flag outside Chartered Accountants Hall

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