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Diversity and inclusion at ICAEW

Black History Month

ICAEW is proudly marking Black History Month, which takes place every October in the United Kingdom. The theme for 2021 is “Proud to be”: proud to be Black, proud to be me. We offer a range of content on this theme.

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Black History Month flag

Featured interview: Lennie James on social mobility

Take a look at our recent interview with Lennie James, star of "Line of Duty", "The Walking Dead" and "Save me". He speaks in detail about his childhood in care, social mobility and climbing the socio-economic ladder.

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Diversity and inclusion at ICAEW

Webinar: socio-economic diversity

How do we increase socio-economic diversity in the workplace? This webinar focuses on social mobility and breaking down barriers.

Watch the recording here

Proud to be

The Black History Month theme for 2021 is “Proud to be”: proud to be Black, proud to be me.

We have video content from Black members who talk about racial and environmental justice along with how we strengthen the profession by attracting talent and building diversity.

We also look at the exchange of skills, knowledge and understanding through reverse mentoring, highlighting the experiences of an ICAEW Director and young Black Member.

The month has concluded with our seminar  “How do we define and increase socio-economic diversity in the workplace”, which focuses on the definition of social mobility, breaking down socio-economic barriers and how your background shouldn't determine your future. You can watch the video here. 

Featured throughout the month is our on-demand conversation with award winning actor/writer Lennie James, who talks about his childhood in care, social mobility and climbing the socioeconomic ladder. 

"This was an incredibly powerful webinar through the thoughtful questions being asked and the honest reflective responses given." - Lennie James webinar participant

The Pan-African UNIA flag

The Pan-African flag was created in 1920 with the support of Marcus Garvey, founder of the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association), in response to a racially derogatory song and the realisation that "every race has a flag but the Black”. Garvey continued, “show me the race or the nation without a flag, and I will show you a race of people without any pride”.

The flag later became an African nationalist symbol for the worldwide liberation of people of African origin. As an emblem of Black pride, the flag became popular during the Black Liberation movement of the 1960s. Black people around the world would be able to claim an identity in their own right under the flag.  

Today, variations of the flag can and have been used in various countries and territories in Africa and the Americas to represent Pan-Africanist ideology.

As this flag continues to be a template for flags across Africa, ICAEW is proud to raise the flag!

This month-long commemoration reflects on the diverse histories of Britons of African and Caribbean descent, and their contributions to the UK’s social, political and economic development.

Michael Izza ICAEW CEO
Pan-African UNIA flag outside Chartered Accountants Hall

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