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Quarterly, Issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of Quarterly, the new magazine from ICAEW and part of our new approach to editorial content for members, also encompassing daily, weekly and monthly e-bulletins focused on the latest developments in accountancy.

In this launch issue we kick off with a special report on AI, exploring the opportunities and challenges that this technology presents for a profession already experiencing profound change. This edition also celebrates 100 years of women as chartered accountants with a feature looking at how far the profession has come, while exploring the work that remains to be done. We hope you enjoy the new magazine, let us know what you think by emailing editorial@icaew.com.

The Index

Front cover of the first issue of Quarterly


  • The female century - It’s 100 years since the first woman joined ICAEW. We assess the female century.
  • System error - We are almost totally dependent on the internet to do business. So what happens if it goes down?
  • Small wonder  - Microfinance initiatives are making a big difference in economies where access to financial services is limited