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How to protect your vehicle from theft

Author: Aon

Published: 12 Jan 2022

Electronic car
Despite modern day security enhancements, vehicle theft remains a threat with Home Office statistics highlighting a 50% rise in vehicle thefts over the last five years.

Whilst the problem is affecting a breadth of the high-end vehicle market, Land Rover Range Rovers have become the target of choice for criminal gangs. 

You may think there is little we can do about this, but there are several steps owners can take that will help make the theft of a vehicle considerably more difficult.

Aon’s Fixed Price Motor partner Aviva, working closely with Thatcham Research, the independent voice of automotive safety, security, and repair, have developed these practical steps, informed by combined expertise, to help reduce your risks.

Check, and check again…

This sounds obvious but high-end vehicle theft can occur simply because the vehicle wasn’t locked properly. Indicator lights double flashing is a sign your car has been locked and the alarm is set.

Are your wing mirrors folded away? This is another sign your vehicle is locked correctly. We believe some criminal gangs look for vehicles without mirrors folded in as an indication the vehicle may be unlocked.

Is remote locking possible where you’ve parked your car? In some built-up areas electronic locking is not possible due to electronic interference. In that case you’ll need to physically lock the vehicle.

Track it

Many high-end vehicles come with trackers fitted as standard. Consider continuing the trackers subscription beyond the introductory period. It may even be a condition of your insurance to have a tracker fitted and in operation.

Consider going old-school

A good old fashioned steering lock, if used every time the vehicle is unattended, can be a useful deterrent; particularly if a disk lock is used.

You’ve been blocked

A ‘Faraday’ pouch can prevent certain types of relay attacks on vehicles that use keyless entry systems. Makes sure any additional keys are also stored in pouches to prevent a theft.

Following these basic steps could help reduce the chance of having your vehicle targeted and stolen. Individually they  may seem small, but what’s all-important is an awareness of how these can become significant to criminals on the look out for a target.

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