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F&A’s role in responding to instability & volatility

Author: BlackLine

Published: 15 Mar 2023

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Many businesses have experienced one recession in their history, but few have experienced the wider economic, business, and geopolitical challenges we are experiencing today: the war in Ukraine, soaring energy prices, double-digit inflation, and steep interest rates.

With recessionary fears growing, business leaders are being forced to consider how their organization can respond to global and market instability and remain competitive, agile, and resilient in the coming months.

Once again, F&A is caught in the eye of the storm. Its role in navigating the challenging waters is underscored, as is the importance of cash flow and working capital in business.

In BlackLine’s fourth annual survey exploring the views of senior executives and F&A professionals around the globe, they worked with independent research firm Censuswide to understand:

  • Who is responsible for steering a business through a recession?
  • F&A’s role in responding to global instability and volatility
  • The top challenges and pain points, such as intercompany transactions
  • The importance of cash flow in turbulent economic periods
  • We also examined data from the past four years to determine trends in the trust of financial data and the perceived impact of errors on the business

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